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Region IX – Zamboanga Peninsula

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Recently we were told by our teacher to pay a visit at our campus on the occasion of a science fair giving each one of us one ticket. Accordingly, I went there and enjoyed a lot. What I saw was a fantastic arrangement of exhibits done by the students. I saw miniatures mostly about agriculture. One of the unique creations was a miniature of Terrace Farming, it is a piece of sloped plane that has been cut into a series of successively receding flat surfaces or platforms, which resemble steps, for the purposes of more effective farming.

As we all know, one of the popular terraces is he Banana Rice Terraces (Haggard-Haggard Palatal). Some of the miniature was describing about Contour Plowing it is plowing across a slope following its elevation contour lines. This is the kind of agricultural solution used by most farmers as a tool for weed control, prevent soil erosion, and in some cases to promote plant growth. There was also a miniature about Interloping meaning growing two different vegetables in an area at the same time to save space. On the other miniature it was about how to farm organically.

According to a book that I have read, eating organic odds may in fact, reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer for individuals who abstain from consuming products produced by conventional farming methods. I also saw a miniature about animal farming. Mostly the main products of this Industry are meat, milk and eggs for human consumption. Here's to other miniature about urban Vile which pictures out the setting of an urban place or what we call a city where you can see tall buildings and establishments and a large crowd of people.

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In the contrary there was a miniature with details of a Rural place where It Is located outside the city with a low population density and small settlements. And lastly, one object drew my attention. It was about family farming. Like In my hometown we have a small farm at the back of our house, and planting Is one of our ways of bonding during weekends. One of the Important features of family farms Is the Intimate connection between families and farms which creates vital links between a farm and the food being grown. I miss home. I spent full 30 minutes rooming around the science fair enjoying such wonderful creations.

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