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Reflective Log: Post Modernity

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Through the lecture of week 2, I understood the definition of post modernity. It is defined that ‘Post modernity is a reaction to the advanced alienation of late capitalism tempt to restore some meaning to the existential despair over the growing irrationality of modernity’ (Lee, 1992). In addition, I also learned that post modernity has many characteristics which consists of hyper reality, chronology, fragmentation, dedifferentiation, pastiche, anti-foundationalism, reversals of production and consumption, decentering of subject and paradoxical juxtapositions.

However, I did not understand what they are and it is really complex to learn initially. After the lecture, I knew them better than before. For example, Disney land theme parks all over the world could be strongly reflected the hyper reality. Personally, Hyperrealism is a symptom of postmodern culture. Hyper reality does not "exist" or "not exist. It is simply a way of describing the information to which the consciousness is subject. I good understand about this feature. Furthermore, take ‘Hui Li’ Sneakers in China as a good example. This brand sneaker is popular in 1990s, and goes out of the market for nearly 20 years, but it is popular on the market up again as the symbol of the main trend. Moreover, pastiche as a feature in post modernity was reflected interestingly.

For example, in the post modern society, those creative people are not rigidly adhere to old things and want to use modern elements on the basis of the original classics. A famous oil painting of ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci was recreated in a new interesting style. I have understood three features of hyper reality, chronology and pastiche very well. Nevertheless, the rest features are not so well understanding about them, and I will continually learn them step by step.

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