Redesigning business processes for health Yoghurt Company

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Redesigning refers to as an improvement in the company’s approach that critically analyzes implements and examines the pre-designed business processes. The major objective of redesigning the business process is to achieve greater improvements in the areas dealing with the customers and other stakeholders. The process of redesigning can either be geared towards; Business process improvement (BPI) and Business process development (BPD). The redesigning business process mainly relies on IT (information technology) to achieve the desired breakthrough results. (Allen, 1994)

Thorough redesigning can only be possible through the process of effective planning. Planning refers to the process of laying down the procedures of how the set objectives are to be met and all the strategies to be followed. A plan should include a realistic view of the final expectations. A plan is based upon the activities of the organization and can therefore be long-term or short-term plans. A comprehensive plan always guarantees success whereas lack of a good plan, most of the times will certainly ensure failure. For an effective management, there must exist a comprehensive plan which minds the necessities of the entire organization.

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The plan helps in clarification, focusing and researching on the organization’s projects developments. Therefore, this provides a logical framework on how things should follow. This means that planning and management will always go hand in hand so as to yield the expected results. However developing an effective management to deal with the specific challenges, for example, increase in productivity, is the primary concern of many organizations for the purposes of competition, in amidst of rapid changing of technology, which further translates to greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Having been hired by the CEO of Healthlite Yoghurt Company so as to work on their current information and business processes, I should provide an RFI (Request For Information) which includes a plan for effective management of data sources in the organization that evaluates the potential impact of technology and systems to support organizational initiatives. It suggests the areas that requires automation and which ones that doesn’t. An RFI is a document which serves to request information from the public in order to address or learn about a particular issue.

The effective management should take into consideration of the potential impact of technology, for example, the e-business and the e-commerce. E-business means to operate a business and servicing customers through internet. Therefore, planning for a business’s web strategy is something that is seen as unimportant but it is still the most important thing of online projects. This is done by trying to define the key customers, and identifying their needs and goals.

This task is more difficult although it is vital to manage the rising amount of information to be put online. E-business means using the advanced technology with the help of internet based technologies in stead of using the ordinary methods of information flow within the organization and outside the organization. E-business is a faster and cheap way of passing information and also aids in increasing the organization’s competitive advantage, unlike the ordinary or current information systems which are expensive and slow which leads to unsustainable costs.

The e-business helps in the expansion of the market coverage. The e-business the removes the limitations of geographical (physical) and times zones, unlike the conventional markets. This means that the world market is available which is a 24 hours a day, which this is available due to the internet access which can be conducted either at a desk or off-site. This allows a wide network of reaching the customers. The e-business, on the good side makes attractive of the previously uneconomical markets.

This is because it helps in expansion in the number of customers who can deliver acceptable margins, thus turning the marginal segments profitable. Moreover, there is the creation of the market pull due to the presence of the internet. The internet for this reason can be used to select suppliers, pilot the products and at times directly purchase products. Further, the e-business helps in cost reduction. Cost reduction is achieved through changing the way the products and services are distributed to the customers.

Products that have already been produced and are known or require little experience in the market can be purchased by the customer on the internet and be delivered to the customers one to one even without with the help of the business intermediaries. It is universally known that, internet-based system of making purchases reduces the wastes encountered during the purchasing process, hence increasing the customers’ profitability, and competitiveness.

Generally, the web designed purchasing process aids in the following areas of concern; elimination of unwanted paper trail, vendor sourcing strategy support, easy, reliable and timely access to information and reduction in costs and errors through end to end process integration. E-business reduces the error of buying products from unauthorized and unqualified suppliers. E-business helps in establishing strong customer relationships. It worth noting that creation and maintaining of the customer is the primary objective of the organization.

No one would like to establish a weak relationship with his customers. Therefore the e-business creates a continuous support between the business and the customers. More precisely, e-business has the capability to link benefits that closely addresses on searching and maintenance of the customers, and by providing better purchasing experiences to the customers. This therefore implies that, the major reasons as to why e-business is important are that benefits can be narrowed down to three major areas of being faster, better, and being cheaper.

(Allen, 1994) Business support system and Management Information System (MIS) MIS refers to the systems that are used by the managers to make decisions for the success of the business, and they are composed of the computers, people, and modernized business procedures. These are useful for the purpose of supporting various services that are offered by an organization. This covers areas that include management of product, customer, revenue, and placing order. (Thomas, 1993)

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