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Reacton Paper for the Movie Boses

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Synopsis: Oboes is a tale of compassion, strength of the human spirit and the redeeming power of music. It tells the story of Nook, a 7-year-old victim of child abuse in the hands of his father. Rendered mute by a physical trauma that damaged his Larynx, Anonymously Duke), who lives with his father in a countryside village, Is rescued by police and taken to a shelter for battered children owned and run by the kindly Ms. Amanda(Cherry Pie Placate).

HIS speech dillydally aggravated by the psychological burden of being kept away from his cruel father makes Nook despondent. One day, eyeing the other children taunting a man who lives in a house near the shelter, Nook becomes curious, especially as he later on hears violin music coming from the house. He soon discovers that the man is the violinist Ariel(Coke Ballista), the brother of Amanda who has abandoned his career as a concert violinist In Manila to live as a recluse, apparently In grief and guilt over the death of his woman Blanch(Merely Syrians).

Nook's fascination with violin music leads him to Investigate around Riel's house when it is empty. Sensing the boys interest, Ariel in time subtly manages to encourage Nook to try the violin, and soon discerns a prodigy in the timid boy. A friendship very gently blossoms between the recluse and the battered child, until the boy is ripe for a recital to be witnessed by his father. Reaction: Oboes Is a film which speaks to us a good message of hope despite of a tragic history and how music can change a life of someone.

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The message which was communicated through excellent direction, fine portrayals, and beautiful music was clear enough to let ourselves be aware of what is really happening around us and be enlightened in mimes of great darkness. The film has several sensitive topics and I'm impressed of how the way they treated these topics. It made the film worthy of being acclaimed. Child abuse Is the main issue that was shown in the movie - on doing harsh actions and making a child a human ashtray - and the worst was, by a parent Itself. The parents have no right to hurt their child Just because they are the parents.

Parents are ought to teach moral and good things to their children. Of course, It is not right to make violence at a child's eyes because that could result to another violence, or rose, because of the boys early age, they are already poisoning his innocent mind which is really unfair. And the sad part is that they give the child a life full of fears, traumas and distress which steals the confidence and trust of the boy to himself and the world. Instead of having protection and care which every child ought to have,they create only something that a child can fear.

They are depriving the freedom of the child. Sexual harassment was also one issue though it was not really shown in the film. It was actually Shirley story wherein she said the line "... Anon aka in tatty". It was really alarming because the one who molested her was her own father. And very distressing to think that she was only five, six or seven years old. Like sexual harassment which was not totally highlighted in the film but still has a great impact child abuse. It's illegal because it is a crime; equivalent to killing and stealing a life of a person. More than that, It is a mortal sin.

Sexual harassments, abortion, live-in, pre- marital sex, and suicide were the sensitive topics Eve found out. These are only little tails in the story but still important. Though some weren't given emphasis but still supports the story which makes it worthwhile. The biggest lesson that I got was to keep the faith and hope despite the ruthlessness of life. Nook had lots of scars, both physical and emotional. Beaten by his father, tortured and forced him to eat as in forcing the spoon into his mouth. But at the end, he was able to get back his trust in the world and live a new life.

Same as Ariel who was in sorrow and loneliness because of the death of the one that he loves, at the end, he mound the comfort and restored his spirit. And who says that bad people don't have the chance to be good? Of course they have like in the situation of Mans Marcelo (Risky Dave) who at the end was very sorry for the unkindness he had to his son. Basically, the film offers us hope in every problem that we face and might face in the future. Music has a very important role in the story because it is the instrument that healed both Ariel (Coke) and Nooks Aeolian) wounds of the past.

Though it leave them scars but scars are physically not painful anymore. Through music, we can express what we feel in a more peaceful and beautiful way. As a music lover, I truly believe on how music can transform lives. Basically, Oboes is a very sensible story and I agree to that. Doses, speaks to us the voice of the children asking freedom from the chains of violence and abuse; crying and shouting out loud but never heard; seeking for themselves that was stolen from them; and the voice which may not be in the form of words, but in the form of something where they can find, somehow, a relief.

Reacton Paper for the Movie Boses essay

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