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Ray Rice vs. Solange and Jay Z

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Violence against one another is not okay either way male or female. The Ray Rice, Jay Z and Collagen incident happened the exact same way Just the opposite sex. This fight within the celebrities had the world talking. "What Happened? Or is there sound to hear what they're sallying The reason this has an effect on our culture Is because both Jay Z and Ray Rice are huge role models to people. In the music Industry Jay Z Is a role model to people because people want to be just like him.

Ray Rice is the man n the NFG and he has people that want to play in the league and that look up to him as their favorite player. The difference between the videos is that one is a male and one is a female whiffs doing the hitting. No one knows what really happened or what caused the fight they Just see hitting. Now since Collagen was hitting Jay Z people didn't make It a big deal, some of the peoples comments were "Collagen got them hands! Or She can fight! " people were basically worshipping her, not understanding that she was attacking him. What if he would have swung back?

Then Jay z would have been labeled as a woman beater, but instead he didn't he Just kept moving her. In the middle of everything I still am trying to figure out why Beyond didn't do anything. Instead of people understanding that Collagen is a woman and not hitting her was the right thing to do, people are saying he's a female dog and a vagina. All of this Is because he has respect not only for women but his wife, by not hitting her sister. One thing I did find interesting while researching is that some reporters say he reason Collagen went off like that is because she found out Jay Z has been hitting Beyond.

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Beyond has a song out and in this song one of her lyrics say sit goes down when it's a billion dollars on an elevator. " Shocker that happened, could that be the reason Beyond wasn't fighting back? Now Ray Rice and his fiancé©e, that whole video was disrespectful to start. Not only did he spit on her while she was walking past but he did It again when he got on the elevator. For Ray Rice to do something like that shows that he has no respect for any woman. One person comment was "l onto care how mad you get never spit on a lady then put your hands on her! ESP. better known as Sports Center was going crazy. Ray Rice was the trending topic all day. He ended up getting suspended and his wife ended up staying with him. She caused all that drama to be right back with him. Some people still call her a Gold- digger, because she Just wants his money. The fight between Ray Rice and his fiancé©e grabbed more attention in the media and throughout the world because he's a football athlete. He has his whole football career ahead of him and he almost threw it al away over hitting a woman.

I remember watching ESP. and one of the reporters stated, "Was he drunk? Does he know what could happen to him? " Number three of media literacy is the ability to distinguish emotional from reasoned reactions when responding to content and to act accordingly. The emotional part was watching his sympathy for her. In closing, both fights were wrong, both fights shouldn't have happened, but everyone has their problems. No one knows everyone's problems but when you're a star or a celebrity, there is no private life.

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