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Quotation Integration

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Quotation integration Awkward - If your writing does not include proper quotation integration then it is awkward. Smooth * The clauses before the quotation make a clear sentence when joined with the clauses from within the quotation. * If a change in pronouns in needed, then use square brackets. * Sentence: Made up of various clauses * The material before the quote is written in the literary present Ex:// In order to preserve her clientele, Rosa Huberman decides to sent Liesel out to collect the laundry from the rick customers because “Those rich people are less likely to fire [Rosa] if [Liesel’s] the one standing in front of them” (Zusak 92) Information that does not help me illustrate my point about ‘a prompt delivery’ has ben replaced by three ellipses. * Do not add “…” at the beginning or ending of quotes. (We know there’s more to the book) * When taking extracts out of a quote, use . . . instead of … (notice the space between each “. ”) * Take a moment to notice the citation. There is no comma, in between author and page number. The punctuation that is necessary to the read of your paper comes after the final bracket. * Notice where two quotation marks are used, versus one, versus three. Refer to your quotation marks note.

In order to convince Lisel that a prompt return from delivering the clean laundry to their clientele is imperative, “Rosa Huberman stood up, selected a wooden spoon, and healed it under Lisel’s nose. It was a necessity as far as she was concerned…’you take the back to each place and bring it straight home . . . No going to Papa . . . No mucking around with that little Saukerl, Rudy Steiner. Straight. Home. (Zusak 92) The Whole thing * Introduce the quote and then explain its importance after wards * A colon works best for long integration * If your quotation is more tan three typed lines, then you need to offset it. Each line of the quotation should be indented and double-spaced. * Hit enter before beginning the quote and after you have to end it * When a quotation is offset, it does not require quotation marks; however, if the narrator begins to quote a character, then you should use one. * If it is a character speaking for the ENTIRE QUOTE then you do not need any quotation marks. * For offset quotation ONLY, put the text’s punctuation before them embedded citation, not afterwards. A WRONG CITATION Close to the end of the novel, Liesel moves from an avid reader to a ferocious writer and scribes an autobiography of sorts.

The final line of this memoir revels that “ I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right” * As you know the subject of a sentence needs to agree with the predicate. Sometimes an error in agreement happens when you attempt to join your class to your quote. * In this case, the pronoun “I” seems awkward because it does not identify who the “I” is; therefore, we need to change the pronoun, and will end up having to change the verb. THE RIGHT WAY Close to the end of the novel, Liesel moves from an avid reader to a ferocious writer and scribes an autobiography of sorts.

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The final line of this memoir revels that “[Liesel has] I have hated words and [she has] loved them, and I hope I have made them right” (Zusak 528) * You may need to change a verb from the following sentences * To make tge verb in the quotation agree with the subject before the quotation. * If you have changed the subject, such as in this case then you may need to change the verb form. * Use square brackets if you need to change verb form * If you need to change a subject and a verb that are adjacent to one another, then you can put both words within the square brackets.

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