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Protein Article Research

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Anonymous Dr. Louis Cohen SCI/241 Protein Article Research January 3, 2012 According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, protein is found in every cell in the body. Protein provides our bodies with energy that is ready to be used. After it is digested, it becomes amino acids. There are 23 amino acids which are very essential to the body and are needed for the body to function properly. Amino acids are needed in order to build muscle strength. Protein can be found in animal foods, and it can also be found in plant foods.

Animal foods such as meats, cheeses, and dairy products are complete sources of protein, while plant sources are an incomplete protein source because they are low in at least one of the essential amino acids. Plant sources need to be consumed with a complementary protein source in order to be certain that protein needs are being met. For example, if you eat chicken, that would be a complete source of protein, whereas if you eat rice for a meal, you should add beans to make the protein consumption complete. A few examples of plant sources or an incomplete protein source is as follows: corn, tofu, grains, some vegetables and fruits.

Because I am a 19 year old woman, I need 46 grams of protein a day. I can easily meet and exceed the amount that is necessary by eating all of my meals in a day and by consuming all other essential nutrients. Although getting just the right amount of protein is healthy for the body, getting too much can be harmful. When people consume too much protein, they increase their risk of weight gain. Also, high protein diets can put a strain on the kidneys because they rid the protein from the blood, may contribute to cancer because it increase blood levels of IGF-1, and may cause nutritional deficiencies.

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Protein Article Research

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Just as high protein diets can cause medical illnesses, low protein diets can do the same. A diet with a lack of protein can cause skin pigmentation, diarrhea, swollen bellies, rashes, and change in texture or color of the hair. Protein is on the body’s essential needs, however, too much or too little of any nutrient that is essential can harm the body. It is vital that people learn the amounts of nutrients their body requires in order to become or remain healthy.

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