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Promote Professional Development Essay

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It is however times like this that you will fine difference in opinions and as a result may find conflict amongst the team. This again Is for me to monitor this can be done though Supervisions which are done monthly or appraisals which are done yearly. At times all it may take to defuse conflict is a general conversation explaining why there are changes and how this will benefit the young people.

As a "new" manager keeping on top of all changes which do happen frequent I find the most difficult and with this comes the responsibility to know everything. As a deputy I would have said I was pretty much clued up on my knowledge and understanding however now that I am anger I can honestly say that this is ongoing and definitely an area that I need to concentrate on due to the implications from me not knowing current and up to date policies and regulations.

Over the past few months I have had to work alongside my manager and also the manager from our sister unit which then left me comparing my knowledge to that of Lucy (Manager of our sister unit)and having done this found that my knowledge was not as current or up to date as it should have been as a result this knocked my confidence to do the Job I was setting out to do lee registered manager of y own house, it was only when Lucy spoke to me and reassured me that in time I would get to know where to look to keep myself up to date, did I start to gain confidence and stop comparing myself to someone that has been doing the Job far longer than myself. I set myself a goal to continue to do what I was doing but also be aware that I had to and still do need to concentrate more on getting to know where to go to find updates and also become more aware of what is going on in the news as many of the changes that happen are a result of accident, incidents crime CT.

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Having aid that dealing with day to day things lee paperwork, supervisions, hands on work with the young people dealing with referral, speaking with Social workers and other significant others, attending meetings that are vital I attend or general interacting with the staff on duty and the young people sometimes takes priority and needs my attention there and then so takes my time away from looking for changes which are reported on the Offset web site etc. Time management Is the key which Is ongoing progress and something I have had to adapt to and priorities my work load in order o have my home running effectively. In my head I have set myself goals "targets that I need to do In order to fulfill my role as the registered manager the first was actually preparing myself for the Interview that I would need to have the the Offset Inspector to assess if I was ready/ eligible/ capable to run a residential home, this did and was ready and prepared for when she came and interviewed me. This list goes on to outstanding rating.

This can and will only be achieved with a lot of hard work not only room myself but from the staff and also my manager as I will need the support and guidance as do my staff so by working as a team this can be achieved. There will inevitably be set backs but the important thing is that we are able to move on and strive to improve, by learning from past mistakes etc. Having looked and read though different models of reflective practices I feel that both Chon and David A Kola theories of how people learn fits together and more importantly how I can relate to both. David A Kola with the help of Rodgers Fry created model which consisted of four stages. This model was known as "experiential Learning Cycle" because it shows how we can learn from our own experiences.

Chon argued that professionals who have complex roles cannot lean from a set of basic rules for each situation but must develop their own knowledge by being able to reflect on our own personal experiences and be able to implement them into our own daily work practice. Both of these theories I have followed unknown to me that this is what I was doing and have been doing for as long as I can remember, I have always mound it difficult to read about something then follow it though I have come to realist that I do not learn from being told what to do but put me in that situation and I am able to deal with it and learn from it. An example of this situation is that I discussed above referring to myself and Lucy. For a little while I was trying to learn from what she was telling me to do, I wrote a list of what she did and how she did it.

An example of this was to learn the standards though and though, know what all the regulations re, I wrote a list of the Jobs Lucy did that needed doing within the month etc I went away and started doing this but as usual found that this was not working instead I watched Lucy in her role and realized I will never be as "clued" up has her, she is able to read something and immediately know it I on the other hand cannot I need to be in that situation and I then find myself doing it or voicing it but ask me a question and I won't know it and for a while I did doubt myself rather than believing in myself and the ability to do the Job. I then sat down and devised my own plan, wrote my own list and my own way of doing things and this has worked, I know enough about the standards if I need more information I refer to my own copy that I carry every were with me. I may make mistakes along the way but I can learn from them and next time do something different. In my role as manager there are set things I need to do to fulfill my position, there are things I need to know to do my Job right and meet the minimum standards and providing I do this and I do it right then I can honestly say that I am doing my best.

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