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Process matrix

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For my process design matrix I chose a financial consulting service and a fitness product that I am familiar with. For my financial services I have a dedicated team that I assign different projects and tasks to. I try to ensure that our service it above average in quality and time frames. To ensure this I keep a continuously updated roster of files and agents that I assign new and specifically tough deals to.

If I know of an incoming file I can pre schedule to audit the file and do my research on which agent has the appropriate experience and time to commit. Once this is done we interview the client with the agent to ensure a good working relationship will ensue. As the project moves forward I manage the agent's expectations and commitments to the client and provide all the assistance the agent may need. Often times we assign an assistant to make the process move along smoother and meet our commitments.

We have obviously no inventory other than human resources and this provides the quality of our service which is the measure of success and quality. The product I chose is a fitness product I am familiar with, Core 46. The product has been through 4 years of design and research work. The tooling and manufacturing has been researched and committed to through another year of work and testing. We are nearing the final design stage and upon completion we will require the manufacturing facility to commit to no less than 100,000 units per month.

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Process matrix

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This will not be near our order demands which will require us to contract with no less than a total of 4 manufacturing facilities in different strategic locations. The quality focus will be nearly guaranteed as the individual pieces will be made from a mold that is already going through extensive quality testing. Upon completion of the old making we will order a total of 4 sets to be sent to the 4 manufacturing facilities. All manufacturing will be done on a Just In Time TOT) basis.

We will occasionally run mass quantities but that will be shipped to accommodate international purchase orders from Distribution Centers in Australia, Asia and Europe. Performance of the manufacturing centers will be based purely on their ability to meet demand and random quality testing. Once the customers receive the final product a survey will be sent ensuring the product was prepared, assembled, packaged and set up according to plan and expectations. We will be able to track ACH order based on the manufacturing center it was initially ordered from.

There is and will be only minimal allowances regarding returns do to manufacturing mistakes and the facility will be charged back xx on each as is written into their contracts. Both my financial services and Core 46 are well thought out and planned projects that require much management and hands on follow up. I don't expect or allow for much failure so key components are put in the plan and accommodations for all levels of needs and quality assurances are in place accordingly. This is the only way to ensure business is done properly success ensues.

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