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Plump legs indicate the dog is eating right

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I decided to write about having a pug for this paper because I feel a certain level of affinity for these types of dogs.  I did this paper by asking around, especially people who have dogs of their own and pet shop attendants.  I also did some research on the internet as to nature of these dogs.

Pugs are toy dogs that are very emotional and have a low self-esteem.  They look quite like a bulldog but smaller in size and usually have short mocha or khaki fur with a shade of black.  When buying a pug pup or adopting one, the first thing to do is to check on the health of the pup before taking him/her home.

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Plump legs indicate the dog is eating right; check also for the ribs – they should not be very prominent on the underside of the dog.  Being conscious of the skin condition of the dog should also be considered; owners should take notice of any sign of a rash or a skin infection.

A dry puppy nose indicates that the dog is probably sick.  Pugs have over sensitive eyes that are easily infected; so it would be wise to check on the eyes also.  After going through the physical condition of the dog, you should ask about the immunization shots already given to the dog like rabies and distemper shots.

After this has been confirmed, look for the ownership papers and make sure that your pug comes from a line of purebreds.  Often, if the dog comes with canine association papers, it will already have a name in its birth certificate; otherwise, you can name the pup on your own.  Opt for a short name, about one or two syllables, so that the dog can easily familiarize itself with its name.

When you have decided on buying or adopting your pug, it’s now time to get him/her into a suitable transporting case/cage.  Make sure to put your caged pug in the back seat or in a back cargo compartment and never in the trunk or your dog might die of suffocation or dehydration.

Upon reaching home, you pug will be a bit disoriented, and will tend to crawl and lay in one corner.  Other puppies can be very enthusiastic, but not pug pups that are a bit more nervous when it comes to new environments.  Take time to take your pug around the house and orient the pup of the various areas in the house; occasionally pet the pup to give it reassurance.  Then, after the initial orientation, give the pup some water.

Then, next familiarize the pup with the more specific areas it is supposed to be in, like its sleeping basket, its feeding area, and its litter box.  Since the dog is still a pup, it would not be difficult to house break the pup.  This should be done next and in the following days.  Make sure to reward the pup if it litters in its box and expressively train it to do so.  Right after feeding the pup, wait for about thirty minutes to one hour and take it to its litter box and wait for it to defecate; when it does, pat it or reward it with a toy or something.

After making sure that your pup is well oriented with its surroundings, give it its first meal.  Then allow it to rest.

In the following days, keep a routine sequence of activities to accustom the pup to its regular day.  Try to train it with simple commands like sit and heel.  Always use a low commanding voice when training your pup.  Rewarding the pup with doggie treats will make it more susceptible to obeying simple commands.

A few things that one should remember when keeping a dog is to always make it feel cared for and loved – this is especially needed with pugs that are quite partial when it comes to associating with humans.  Make sure that you feed your dog regularly, about twice a day, and always have a steady supply of water for it.

Pay attention to hygiene such as teeth hygiene and its general hygiene.  Give your pup regular baths, about once every two days.  Also take your pug to the vet regularly.  If necessary, take your dog to the vet if you think it is sick.

Plump legs indicate the dog is eating right essay

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