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Physical Therapist College

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Since I was a young I have always wanted to have a job that helps out other peoples’ lives for the better. I have gone from wanting to be a cop, fire fighter, EMT (emergency medical technician) and now I have made up my mind to become a physical therapist. After comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of numerous jobs I decided that doing physical therapy fits me best because I am getting to know several types of people. Also, knowing that I am improving the health of patients and uplifting their spirit is the perfect job for me.

Although, it is going to be a long journey, I know it will definitely be worth it in the end. Physical therapy is dated back to 460 B. C. when physicians would use water therapy and massage therapy on their patients lower the levels of pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and encoruage healing. However, it was during the World War I (1917 – 1918) that physiotherapy was performed widely as a rehabilitation therapy for people who were injured in the war. People employred for such rehabilitative work were known as reconstruction aides and they were trained nurses having background of physical education and massage therapy. buzzle Website) Shortly after, physical therapy started to spread across the world.

PT’s used hydrotherapy (water therapy) or massage therapy. Now physical therapist can do a lot more thanks to our intelligence of the human body and its functions. What physical therapist do is treat individuals ranging from any age group who have had injuries or unhealthy conditions to health increase their range of motion and ability to move and improve their lives.They examine the person to make a plan that best fits the person according to their age, depth of injury, and many other factors. Such as decreasing the pain and properly regain their strength back to lower the chances of the injury reoccurring. They also “work with individuals to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs…” (Bureau of Labor Statistics Website). In order to do this extensive training and practice is needed.

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Physical therapist can work in many places and environments.As long as they have the right equipment and tools the job can be performed. They can work from hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursery homes, and many other places. “About 60 percent of physical therapist worked in hospitals or in offices of other practitioners” (Bureau of Labor Statistics Website). Other physical therapist work in healthcare industries, care centers, or privately. Some PT’s also conduct research to accredit themselves with more knowledge or teach in colleges or institutions.It is estimated that “Employment of physical therapists is expected to grow by 30 percent from 2008 to 2018” (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and by 2018 there will be 241,700 physical therapist working.

The reason why the big percentage jump in a ten year p is because of the baby booming age is getting to about the age where they are more at risk for strokes, heart attacks, and more chances of injuries occurring. Therefore, calling for a higher demand in physical therapist to help aid them in their time of disabling injuries or disliked conditions.

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