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I will be discussing the four steps that an organization should take to change its personnel profile. These steps include; performance appraisal, staff training and development, career development, and termination. The first step I will be talking about is performance appraisal. This is usually an annual event for every employee, and sometime contains quarterly and Simi-annual progress reports. It’s useful to mangers and administrations because they are able to determine employee skills and productivity profiles.

This helps supervisor and employees to get the highest performers in the main positions. For example, a supervisor would be able to look at; an employee’s work performed strengths, weakness, and level of performance though scoring systems, charting, and comparisons. The second step is staff training and development. This contains the options of in-service training provided by the agency, or out-services training workshops and institutes, which is earned through professional organizations and other groups.

The third step is career development. This is set out to assist employees in achieving higher level responsibilities through on the job training and monitoring. This is done by a supervisor and employee coming together, and planning the employee’s short and long term career goals. Fourth, is termination, and is to be used in extreme circumstances. If not done correctly, it can become very costly for the agency. It is a time consuming process for the agency, and can be traumatic for both the employee and agency.

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Despite this unfortunate feeling it is important for an employer to remember that ignoring a poor performed employee can have a negative effect on how other staff member may view your judgment and authority. For example, employees might see that you are tolerating an employee who is not meeting par standards, and because of that might develop new minimum standards for performance that is incorrect. In conclusion, I believe that even though each of these steps serves a different meaning and purpose, they each contribute n some way to changing an organization personal profile.

Personal Profile essay

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