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“Patch Adams” Movie Review

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Patch Adams is very interesting to watch. From the beginning of the story, there is the willingness of the viewers to watch the movie till the end. It is simple but not on its meaning. It does not only talk about the life of patch, the doctors, patients, students but also the nurses who are always in the side of the patients. Its focus is more on personality. Meeting people that will pull you down then lift you up and changing their views is one of your amazing deeds and help.

And even there are those people who helped you to build your dreams they must never be the reason to break it instead they will be the one who strengthen you to pursue it, even if they will be gone someday. It has a message that is no matter what; don’t let something to discourage you from what you love and who you are. It is not just any movie that will make you cry because of sad parts but because of the fact that even you have done good things it might followed by bad happenings. There are things that can not be prevented.

It is the best example for many cases of being confused in oneself, not only in mental capacity of thinking but also the ability to know yourself. Patch was helped by this brilliant man, Arthur Mendelson, to see through problems which made me realize on simple things. Patch is not just an ordinary man. He knows the feeling when you give and help which gave him a reason to be a doctor. He might think of the wrong solution yet it led him to the corner of his way to the right direction. When Patch is treating patients in his clinic with his classmates as volunteers, he shows that we are a community that can help each other.

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There are these services that do not only look for payments but for the happiness and benefit they will bring to other people. He heals people in a beautiful way, more in a funny way. Breaking rules is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it will let you know that there are things not to be followed to have a better result. Maybe as a doctor, you know everything in the book but what makes you sad is that you can’t even make an old woman to eat. You may have understood everything but how about to make someone eat? And as the main point for doctors, we should not just prevent death but also to maintain life.

“Patch Adams” Movie Review essay

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