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Palm Reading

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Palmistry We all wonder what awaits us in the future. We wonder about our health, our careers and of course, our love life. Well the answer to all of these questions may lie quite literally in the palm of your hand. Palmistry, or palm reading, is the practice of predicting the future outcomes through the study of the palm. This study dates back to 3000 BC in ancient Egypt and still being practiced today worldwide. Today we will discuss how our palm lines can tell us about our future and ourselves, as well as learn the basics on how to read a palm.

Which will include the four major lines: the heart, head, life and fate line. First of all, how is that our future can be determined through mere palm lines? We all know that our physical health can be affected by stress and psychological negativity. Our mental outlook and attitudes also form our reactions to life’s events. According to the journal, “English Literature in Transition” by Joan Navarre, the brain, through the high concentration of nerves in the hands, can influence the condition of the palms and the patterns of the lines in them.

It’s Also important to know that our palm lines are not fixed and we are not doomed to a future already set in stone. In fact, our palm lines change throughout our lifetime, some more frequently than others. As we mature and change our ways, our palm lines will modify accordingly. They may get deeper, straighter, form new lines, or some may even disappear. In addition to changing lines, as you have probably noticed already, the lines on your left and right hand differ. Your weaker hand, whether it be right or left, represents what we are born with and our private self.

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The stronger hand represents what we do with our lives, the actions we take and our public self. According to the article, “A Modern Palmist”, by Ania Blomberg, in the Feb 2011 issue of the “Torquay Herald Express” Your current palm lines are indicators of the likelihood something will happen, as well as a window into your past. Our Next step is learning our major palm lines. The first of the major lines we will discuss is the heart line. It begins on the side of the hand, ps across the palm and ends in various places.

If it ends under the first finger it signifies an introspective and possibly self-centered person. If under the second finger, you are a giver and always put the needs of others before your own. Ideally, the heart line should end between the first two fingers, signifying a balance between giving and receiving. A straight heart line suggests your head gets involved in matters of the heart. In other words, You don’t let your emotions make your decisions for you. A curved heart line indicates you are a romantic and always wear your heart on your sleeve.

For most people the heart line is the deepest and darkest line on the palm. The second line is the head line. It begins on the side of your hand under your first finger pning across the palm ending at various lengths. If your head line is straight you are logical, detail oriented and organized. If your line is curved, you are more creative and artistic. According to the book “The Hand from A-Z: The essentials of Palmistry” by Judith Hipskind, The length of the head line symbolizes your attention p and ability to concentrate. The longer the head line the more focused you are.

Additionally, If there is a fork at the end of the head line, it means you can see both sides of an issue and will love debating. This is sometimes called a lawyers fork. The third of the major lines is the life line. According to humanhand. com, in modern palmistry the life line does not tell you how long you will live but how you will live. It does however represent a timeline of events. The area where it begins, between the thumb and first finger, represents the beginning of your life, then curving down around your thumb and ending at your wrist, which would represent old age.

Lines crossing the life line signify important events, and where they are located indicates when the events are likely to happen. If your life line sweeps out toward the center of your hand, you will most likely seek independence and travel often. By contrast, If it hugs close to your thumb you are more likely to stay close to home and family. If caught in between, you may struggle between security and the need for independence. Breaks in the life line can indicate times of major illness or stress.

If you notice smaller, fainter lines that connect the life and heart line, they indicate strong romantic relationships. Where they are located on the life line represents at what point in life the relationship is likely to happen. In addition, the number of these lines suggests how many of these relationships you are likely to have. Finally we come to the Fate line. This line begins near the heel of the hand and runs through the center towards the middle finger. According to palmistryfree. com, this line is volatile and only found in about 50% of the population.

It is tied to your personal life path, including school, career choices, successes and obstacles. If this line is absent, you are unsure of the direction of your life. If your fate line is strong, you have specific goals and direction. If only lightly etched you could easily waver between the two. The beginning and ending of the line also plays a role. When the fate line begins on the wrist, you have always done things your own way and may be a bit of an oddball. If it begins more toward the center of your hand, it took a while for you to figure out who you are and what to want to be.

Now that you know how our palm lines come to be and how to examine your own heart, head, life and fate lines, you can predict what sort of future to expect for yourself if you continue down your current path. However, it is ultimately our will that shapes our lives, not our palm. The practice of reading palm lines is not to predict doom, or even happiness. They are instead a guide. The purpose of palmistry is to help you see the way ahead so you can actively plan a successful and prosperous future.

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