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Carry out a risk assessment In a health and social care setting using the Information you have planned with your class put together a risk assessment on the findings of the residential home. MM- Assess the hazards identified in the health or social care setting Del- Make recommendations in relation to identify hazards to minimize the risks to the service user group Type of Hazard Risk caused Probability of hazard Severity of hazard Risk Factor How can the risk be reduced/prevented?

Water or any liquids of the floor. Service users and staff slipping and tripping on the water, resulting In Injury. 4 24 HIGH When there Is water or any liquids on the floor, stay by the spillage till another member of staff bring the warning wet floor sign. Once the sign has been put over the spillage, clean up the spillage to reduce the risk of someone slipping/tripping over. Fire Service users and staff suffering from getting Injured from burns, or Inhaling high dosages of smoke from the fire. 7 14 MEDIUM Ensure that all fire alarms are working correctly, so they are able to detect a fire quickly. Also ensure that all members of staff and service users known the fire safety procedures so they know the easiest and safest route out of the building to prevent themselves from getting injured. Also ensure that lifts are closed off and out of use, to prevent service users and staff from using them, and causing further Injury.

Incorrect use of medication Service users taking either too much medication or not enough medication or not the erect medication that will result in further injury. 3 Ensure that all medication within the residential home is clearly labeled with the name of the medication, and what the medication is used for to cure. Also ensure that all members of staff within the residential home Is fully trained of what medicines should be used and what they should be used for. Electricity appliances glass to smash, as well as electrical appliances blowing up and setting on fire. 4 8 LOW Ensure that all electrical appliances are tested regularly, to ensure that none of the electrical appliances are broken or faulty which may result in a fire. Food Food can become contaminated which can result in germs being spread and resulting in staff members and service users becoming ill. 2 Ensure that all members of staff wear clean suitable clothing such as gloves, hair tied up and blue plasters on when they have cut themselves as well as washing their hands regularly to prevent germs from being spread and food contamination from occurring.

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Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with P Evaluation

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