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Online vs Traditional Education

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There are options to those who chose to further their education, traditional and online education. Traditional education gives students the tools to succeed in a more competitive environment, while online education allows the student to learn at their own pace. Traditional education require students to be in classes on a schedule at a specify time and date. Online education gave students the convenience of accessing the classroom from the privacy of their home. Both type of education gives you the required degree to make progress in life.

When people think of non-traditional they might think of unaccredited college or university, but that’s not what non- traditional is. Online students are considered non-traditional students because they get to do work from the comforts of their homes. Online education and traditional education are different approaches to a higher education. Online college requires students to learn time management with their education. Students have a greater responsibility because they have to manage their time wisely. Most students that do online education do it because they have jobs or a family to take care of.

They will have to organize they time between jobs, family, and school. Students that chose the traditional way of education have to be on campus according to schedule. Planning around class schedule will be first option for students on campus especially if they work or have a family. For the most part, they have the advantage of experiencing the opportunity to socialize and work in groups. Even though working in groups at times can be very frustrating because of a group member not doing they part of an assignment.

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If assignment is not complete as a group then the grade average for the assignment will suffer because of one student not doing their part. Online schooling can be good for young adults and mature adults in many ways. They have a more direct and focused method of learning because the class size is not as large as a traditional school class. Students are able to have a more flexible schedule, because it is the responsibility of them to set a schedule that will work out for them time. Online education gives students that are parents an opportunity to be roll out of bed and not worry about the way you look to get your class work done.

With the absence of diversions for online students, they tend to be more focused on the lessons taught and complete the work they are expected to do. Without having to meet the pace of other students, online students are allowed to work at their own pace, which can make students more successful. Online degrees require the same college level work and time commitment as traditional education. Students are exposed to more people from different socio-economic backgrounds. This teaches students how to get along with one another regardless of race or differences; it also can provide a more complete educational experience.

Traditional education students will have a more diverse social group interaction, allowing them to get a better school experience. Attending Traditional school is also a enormous plus for students, because they are more open to gain more college scholarship opportunities than a online schooled student. By being a great sports player, band member, art student, or even entering in numerous contests such as writing funded by the government or even private spectators enhances their chances of being notice is much higher than a online student. Student still take exams, attend classes, and write papers with online education.

With online learning there is no teacher to monitor the students, which the students are solely responsible for listening and learning in class. Traditional classes have the teacher/professor in class to teach them. Whether, a student chooses to attend classes in a traditional physical setting, the student will be assigned homework to complete. Online and traditional courses are expected to do a series of reading and writing assignments. Online and traditional classes have due dates for all assignments. If assignments not complete you get points taking from your score.

That is why all assignments should be complete on time. Traditional and online classes will require a student to take exams. Exams are used to test student’s retention and understanding of course material. These exams are giving from time to time on common intervals, such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. All exams are checked by the teachers provided. All exams most be passed with a passing average in order to move on to the following course. If it happens that any exams are failed and class average is below passing average, student will have to repeat that course.

Also, students may have the option to take exams online, or be required to visit the campus to complete the exam. Most likely when seeking help with an assignment, traditional and online classes provide teachers/professors that can clarify doubts, and have a discussion about a topic if needed. If any assignments are misunderstood the teacher/professor is also there to answer any question or worries students may have. In both the types of classes, students will have teachers available to help in any matte.

Instructors make themselves available to students to help them learn the required material on a schedule. Also teachers/professors can be a very good amazing support system. Teachers/professors will be those to push you to strive for better academic work. Whenever any assistance is needed students have the advantage to get in contact with their teacher/professor. An alternative way to get in contact with your teacher is by e-mail or phone if it was provided. Through the years the means of getting an education has slowly changed. Many students today are deciding to do online schooling.

Although most people think that traditional education is better, most statistics and facts tend to show that online education is beneficial in more ways. Students will learn and get an education no matter what method they choose online or traditional education. Some may like a more competitive environment, and some may like a laid back environment. The option lies within them to choose what suits them best. With so many advantages and disadvantages between online and traditional education, the option lies within the student. Everyone is destined to be someone in life and it starts by getting an education.

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