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Nurse Management

Our services are provided to those who have a private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or have the ability to pay for themselves.No individuals in need of our help will be denied, because of their inability to pay.I believe that management currently employs an instrumental leadership method.

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The instrumental leadership method has a category that includes the strategic leadership method. According to Rowel (2014), strategic leadership “influences organizational performance indirectly through actions and sections taken by the leader and his or her follower. Essentially it a follow the leader method, that seems to have taken on quite well with the majority. Our unit leader does not lead vocally, but through her actions. She works hard and which set the bar and example for the remainder of staff to follow. I believe that one of our biggest problems is the lack of accountability from some staff member. It is unfortunately really tough for some people to own up to their own mistakes, which would ultimately help the staff as a whole cause it is something that we all learn from.

Our duty is to provide our patients with a multi-disciplinary team throughout their tenure with us, with the hopes of helping them reach a maximum level of dependability. This way they can gradually ease back into society. Ideally, the typical patient to nurse ratio is six to one. I reiterate the fact that is ideally, as with most nurses, in most facilities, we are normally understaffed. So that patient to nurse ratio can sometime reach to ten to one. Which in behavioral health, can be extremely dangerous.

Many of our patients are very unstable individuals, and require extra care and supervision. Imagine having multiple patients needing that same care and supervision, at the same time. I simple solution would like for this, is for us to monitor our admissions. Take in account how many nurses are on staff, before admitting several patients at one time.

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