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New York Day Women in Krik? Krack!

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Nascine Coote English 102 Mrs. Tracy Nashel “New York Day Women” Suzette is curious mother about her mother, more than she is about her. It’s clearly that Suzette and her mother have conversations and gets along with just minor issues. However Suzette mother always assumes her daughter is fine and everything is going well for her. It’s clear that Suzette does not know a lot about her mother, and probably was not that close to her. One example is when Suzette was following her mother she stated “she didn’t know her mother her mother ate frankfurters,” but knows her mother should not eat nothing with sodium.

Suzette’s mother is not interested in he daughter. Suzette’s mother was not too much interested in her personal life she always watch lottery on channel 11, and is okay with denture and claims her significant other does not kiss her as he use to, she have conversation with herself while in the kitchen peeling the skin off the poultry. Suzette’s mother told her daughter how of a good stewardess she would be and how she know she was doing well in school so she didn’t evening had to find out anything from her teacher.

The Narrator was curious to see what her was about and follows her to a park to find out what she was up to and she found out she attends to other peoples kids and bought food for him and gave more loving and interest in him that she ever receive. One example was when she peak in his big bird book as if she was very interested. Her daughter must be surprised by this because she has never showed interest in her especially the parents-teachers associate meetings she should have attended when she was a student in school. The Narrator also describes her mother family back home in Haiti.

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She lost six of her seven sisters in Ville Rose and never fined the strength to return for their funerals. She had a conversation with her daughter about sending clothes to Haiti, but she never really send those clothes and never travel back to Haiti. Suzette’s mother had plans of doing good deeds but never have a will to fulfill them. She does not seem to shows a lot of interest in her family, but rather other people and their well being. Suzette’s close attention, while she observed her mother with another child. She feeds the lady’s child with food she bought and Suzette also observed this.

She also observe how easily the child hand slip into her mother’s hands easily like he knows her for a long time “ when he raises his face he look at her as if he looking at the sky” maybe this work because of her height or something else that was not clear. The child’s face was very happy when she gave him the soda, she helps him to do everything for example put the straw in his drink and not just assume he got it like how she would do her own daughter in assuming she is doing well because she just want to believe so.

She also takes interest in the book he had, but she never did in Suzette’s parent’s teachers meetings. The Narrator mother will tell her the most wonderful things in the world, but she doesn’t really goes the extra miles to make sure she was doing well in school, she also trusted her daughter to be great and take responsibility for her own studies and to make her proud. Suzette was curious about her mother mission and finally examine how she interest with other people’s kids which is way different from how she interacted with her.

New York Day Women in Krik? Krack! essay

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