Netflix and the economy

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The research I wish to conduct will Involve extracting both qualitative and quantitative data. The research will also involve the use of both primary and secondary research. The research belief system I will use is Socio-cultural, this is because It Involves both social and cultural factors.

Aim What IM trying to find out by doing this research is "To realize the impact of the streaming website Nettling on the film Industry.

Research method

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The quantitative data will be received from completed questionnaires. For the Qualitative data, Observation, in depth interviews and face to face interviews will be the methods used

About the research

In my questionnaire, ill use both close-ended and open ended questions. I will ask 10 close ended questions, these are simple yes no questions Then I will ask 5 open ended questions, which will require more descriptive answers.

Each questionnaire will be handed out by me, once finished I will take it back to put it in storage in order to analyze it at a later date I will use two pieces of paper, one will have the close need questions, and one will have the open ended. Close ended questions will be tallied. The Open-ended will be stored to be analyzed.


I Will interview each participant face to face, with a pre-made list of questions. It will depth, with a larger list of questions, this interview will be longer than the previous face to face. I will be noting all answers given on a notepad


As the researcher, I will spend quite a large amount of time using Nettling, in order to add my "Researchers opinion" to qualitative date recorded. I will also observe a few artisans using the Nettling service and take notes whilst doing so.


As you can see, on the left is a list of the primary sources I will use in my research, this involves; Questionnaire, face to face interviews and observation On the right hand side, you can see the secondary sources I will use. These include; News articles, online articles and desk research.

Sample and population

In my research my target population are the people who use the Nettling service. I intend to use Stratified Sampling, because this involves interviewing only those with a key characteristic required for the sample

Ethical issues

The gatekeeper or Research mentor will be Slavic Tallboy, who can be found at the Bristol City college. Every participant's details will remain confidential. Once published no names will be used, to improve anonymity.

Every participant has the choice to leave the research at any time. Consent forms will be signed first before anything happens.

How will I?

Collection, I will collect the data from each participant in person. I Will not be involving multiple participants at one time this is to improve the validity of the results Storage, the physical results such as questionnaires will be stored, and filed correctly n order to be analyzed I will present my findings in both a conclusive report that will involve both bar graphs and pie charts and anything else I feel is needed.

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