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My Motivation for Pursuing a Career in Filmmaking at the College of Motion Picture Arts

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I just really need help showing I deserve to be accepted in the FSU's CMPA. It's incredibly competitive and I need to prove that even though I lack experience, I am capable of succeeding at this school and in this industry. PROMPT: Write an essay that describes your creative influences, personal objectives, and future career goals - in short, your motivation for pursuing a career in this field. What could I add or take away to make this more unique and impressive?

From a very young age, I was taught to idolize all forms of cinema culture. My father - a self-proclaimed cinephile, had me watch highly praised films early in my youth. Aside from the expected, animated Disney movies of my generation, I grew up admiring movies such as Fight Club, Shawshank Redemption, and Rear Window, despite my mother's arguments about what was "appropriate" for my age. Such exposure to movies of this caliber from so young an age nourished my deeply rooted appreciation for the art of film.

However, it wasn't until I watched one movie, in particular, that my ambition and enthusiasm for participating in the cinema industry really sprouted. Hobgoblins was, by far, the most unacceptable and appalling movie on which I have ever wasted my time. Even at the inexperienced age of twelve, I could distinguish that this movie was unfit to be seen by the general public. I couldn't possibly imagine why anyone would want to subject him or herself to this kind of painful, dreadful escapade. The moment the credits rolled, I promised to dedicate myself to learning more about the craft of quality filmmaking in order to compensate for what Hobgoblins lacked.

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The idea of creating the unthinkable always enticed me. Since childhood, I have always viewed the world of motion pictures as limitless, allowing my already substantial imagination to grow further. I could visualize what life would be like working on the bustling sets of Hollywood studios, next to big name directors such as George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, fabricating an entire story and world out of a simple idea. I envisioned myself working as their producer, showcasing my organizational and creative abilities, which were surprisingly impressive for a child. Considering I wasn't entirely aware of what a producer's obligations entailed, that was about as far as the fantasy went.

Nonetheless, I've always believed there was something more to my childhood aspirations - a morsel of real ambition. Since then, I have informally studied books and movies in order to further understand this complex industry, while participating in and producing my own minor, amateur filming projects. Every book about motion pictures I can lay my hands on, every movie I experience, and every project I start only drives me to work harder toward a career in cinema.

In addition to gaining a theoretical knowledge of filmmaking, I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby, and have practiced it throughout my life. One of the major creative influences in my life is a professional from this field who has aided me in my technical growth of lighting, composition, and narrative photography. Richard Avedon is the foremost of many creative influences that I have always respected. During my senior year of high school, I participated in an advanced placement studio art course on photography, which required me to choose a famous photographer to emulate. Using Avedon as a mentor, I studied his work in order to develop a concept, and create a narrative for my artwork.

Avedon's work is mainly comprised of portraits; however, a lot of his famous portraits were an evaluation of age and beauty in modern society - a concept I value. Avedon always managed to give his subjects character and depth within their portraits. By utilizing this concept, I developed my own collection of portraits that depicted various personal issues with which many individuals struggle with today. Avedon taught me how to give subjects profundity and complexity using, not only content, but lighting and composition, as well.

Another principal, creative influence in my work, and someone who has assisted me with character development, is Darren Afronsky, a man whose work in the film industry I much admire. His illustrations of individuals who self-destruct due to their obsessions represent a distinctive style that he successfully modernized. His cynical, yet artistic approach to personal maturation in his narratives is refreshing, and he is able to portray it uniquely. Even in features he didn't write, but only directed such as Black Swan, his ability to depict the character's demise in a visual sense is inspiring and provocative. In future assignments, I hope to create similarly dynamic and intellectually stimulating stories, while displaying them in a visually fascinating way, as well.

In the long run, I strive to gain a higher understanding of the cinema industry and every aspect of how a variety of motion pictures are produced and executed. My ultimate goal is to secure a rewarding position as a respected producer or editor, as those occupations would foster my imaginative potential, as well as my organizational and managerial dexterity. Nevertheless, collaborating with a team of highly knowledgeable experts for my personal, and professional growth would be ideal for my open mind, passion, and creative drive.

I believe the environment, curriculum, and staff at Florida State will provide me with the most comprehensive and vigorous learning experience available to students today. The college of Motion Picture Arts will furnish me with the professional expertise necessary to succeed in this trade. Whether I end up working on small-budget independent films, or large-scale Hollywood blockbusters, being a part of this field will be rewarding enough.

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