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My Autography

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My name is Md. Tanvir Rahman Mazumder and I was born in Comilla in 1990.

I have a nice family and they live in Comilla. At present I live in Dhaka with my Brother, he has an employee of the multinational company for almost 5 years. I am currently attending North South University in an effort to obtain my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. My family is the most important part of my life as well as my success.It is influenced that I have on my family as well as my personal goals that have driven me to want to excel in all I do and try to be good rule models for my family along with others I come into contact a well. My life is so far is comprised of a wonderful family, great friends, a small successful classic car restoration business and a sincere dedication to my family, education and work. My elementary school experience is very interesting and memorable.

In my elementary school I am a very stubborn and sporty boy. I am totally into sports. I love to play cricket and basketball.I also love to make friends and hangout with them. I pass my leisure time by listening to music and a small chat with friends on the phone. Sometimes I really miss my elementary school experience. I am currently attending the north south university in an effort to obtain my bachelor degree in business management.

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I am attending this university because it is the ranked 1 university in Bangladesh. It has a big campus. All of the faculty members are highly qualified and they gain their PhD degree from abroad. Now my university days were awesome. I had lot of fun there with my friends.I also played for my university cricket team and I was the best cricketer in my university. I feel very proud for attending this university.

Course CodeClass Name/SubjectTeacher’s Name MIS105Introduction to computersAfz MGT210Principles of ManagementJNA BUS172Introduction to StatisticsABS MKT202Introduction to MarketingZTK Outside university whenever I get enough time I used to go to my village. I always give away my old clothes to the poor people. Every Friday my friends and I go to the rural area and I also help my friends to cook food for the poor people.My friends and me organized a charity show for those who were live in under the poverty line. Sometimes I go to many historical places in the Dhaka city and outside the city. By the year 2015 I hope to be in a good job as top management position. The outlook for my future is a good one due to my family and education.

I can see myself becoming more versed in compliance services and in the future possibly starting a related company. I see my future as being a top quality manager in a position of importance involving critical decision-making that drives a company to competition and wins.I can also see in the future where I will be taking time to reward my family for their support and accomplishments, possibly in the long vacation outside the country. I can also see in my future where my wife and myself will be able to continue to pass on our experiences to both our children and grandchildren helping them to achieve their goals. I believe that only future holds on what I put into it. To this point in my life I have worked hard to achieve my educational goals from graduating high school to shortly obtaining my degree in business management through the North South University.I think I will get more opportunities to achieve my goal.

As I stated in the beginning, I have always placed a great importance on my education and have had a drive to learn more and excel in life. I would hope that through all of my experiences in my personal as well as educational life that this will provide the foundation on which I can succeed and as a professional to help my future company I would work for. I hope you have enjoyed my autobiography, I think you can see that my life has been based on hard work, education and responsibility. It is there principles that I believed could have the greatest effect on anyone’s success.

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