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Movie Forrest Gump Argumentative Essay

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The movie choose to write about is Forrest Gump. The plot is about a man with a below average intelligence who as a child has to wear leg braces. People treat him different because he has to wear these leg braces.

One day while he is being chased his leg braces fall off and he discovers his ability to run very fast. Over the course of his life he goes through many different types of events. As he grows he gets a football scholarship because he can run very fast. After that he joins the army. He meets and befriends a nice man named Bubba.Bubba tells Forrest about the shrimping business at their time in boot camp. Forrest and Bubba get sent to Vietnam.

One day while they are walking they are attacked and Forrest saves many men but he is not able to save Bubba. While Forrest is trying to save Bubba he gets shot in the butt. While he was recovering he learned that he can play ping pong very well. He plays for the team that the army has. When he gets discharged from the military a company offers him money to advertise their product. He uses it to buy a shrimp boat. His former Lieutenant joins him.

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They end up being successful and Forrest's mother gets sick and dies. Forrest former Lieutenant takes the business over and invests the money. They are then financially well. Forrest goes for a long run one day and is noticed by a girl he met in school named Jenny. He goes to see her and is surprised she has a son that she says is his and she tells Forrest that she is sick. She soon dies and Forrest takes care of their son. The moral lesson of this movie to me is that no matter who you are or where you are from or how smart you are does not mean that you can't achieve great things.

The ethical issue in this story to me was Forrest low intelligence and his leg braces he had to wear. This story influences my ethical decision process because it showed me that we should not judge people on their intelligence or on their physical or mental handicaps. I agree with this lesson all the way because it is a very valuable and in my opinion correct lesson. If everyone treated people how they would want to be treated I feel the world we live on will be a much better place.

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