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Mosaics and Islam Culture

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The Mosaics' Importance to the Islam People Islamic mosaics have had, and still have a great part in Islamic culture. Traditional mosaics had many uses in the Islamic World. They were very detailed in their patterns and designs, and had great religious meaning to the Muslim people. Mosaics had different uses in the Islamic World, as they do still in modern life. Normally, mosaics were used for decoration of mosques. They were sometimes used also for pottery. The great Mosque of Damascus has amazing mosaics decorating it and adding even more splendor and beauty to its design.

The patterns and designs on mosaics are important and of great significance. The designs often had floral images and were very geometrical. Grids were put down on hard backings to make sure of exact measurements. Beads and tiles were used; calligraphy was often seen as well on mosaics. Mosaics can have great meaning to Muslims. The Great Mosque of Damascus has a mosaic on its walls that shows a paradise. Nature and scenery is often displayed on mosaics; these scenes show meaningful places. Humans and animals were banned from being displayed on mosaics and abstract colors were shown often.

Sayings, meaningful words, and verses from the Qu’ran, the sacred book of the Muslims, were often seen. Mosaics are a great part of Islamic culture because of its many uses, detailed designs and its great meaning to the Muslim people. My mosaic fits into and connects to Islamic art and culture because it is detailed, has meaningful words and is very geometrical. Beads were used to create my mosaic. The beads are in precise locations and the Arabic words are exact. The colors correspond with Islamic art as well.

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Mosaics and Islam Culture

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The Arabic words on either side of my template mean “Arabic Language” and are completely legible. These words represent the importance of Muslims learning Arabic. My mosaic is in the shape of an octagon, and is symmetrical, as are most Islamic mosaics. A large grid was put down on a hard foam core backing to help make the shapes more accurate. My mosaic connects to Islamic culture and traditional mosaics because of the detailed design fitting in with Islamic designs. It has words that mean something to Muslim people, and is exact and geometrical.

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