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Meursault In The Stranger

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In the book, The Stranger, Meursault is the book's narrator and main character. Meursault is a person who does t think much about events that happen or their consequences. Neither does he express much feeling in relationships or during emotional times. Throughout the entire book, he is calm and acts nonchalantly. He Is casual and indifferent about lIfe events. Nothing seems to be very important to hIm. All of his actions attribute to him being anti-social. A person that Is social would show more emotion and have a say in things, Meursault is not that type of person. At the beginning of the book, it talks about his mother 5 death. Meursault sheds no tears and shows no emotions. Throughout the Vigil watching his mother's dead body. and at her funeral. he never cries.

Meursault is shown enjoying a cup of coffee with milk during the vigil and having a smoke with a caretaker at the nursing home In where his mother died. Then the next day, after his mother's funeral, he goes to the beach and meets a former colleague named Marie Cardona Marie and Meursault go swimming, to a movie, and then spend the night together. Later In their relationship, Marie asks Meursault If he wants to marry her. He says that it doesn‘t matter to him, and If she wants to get married, he would agree. She then asks him if he loves her. Meursault responds by saying that he probably doesn't, and explains that marriage really Isn't such a serious thing and doesn't require love.

He displays limited feelings for his girlfriend Marie, this is his typical reaction of Meursault. Even though Meursault shows no strong emotions or deep affection. Marie is still attracted and interested in him. She knows that he is unemotional and I think she likes that. Despite the negative qualities of this unemotional man, people still seem to care for him. There are people who, because of different or strange behavior, might be outcasts of society. In spite of Meursault being different, there are some people who want to be a part of their lives. Even though he is not really social, it does not get in the way of certain relationships.

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Meursault s behaVIor can be seen as negative, but there is Marie, who seems to want to have a relationship. With Meursault and a neighbor who wants friendship. He Is content to be indifferent and protected from pain by his indifference Meursault rarely shows any feelings. In situations. which would obtain strong emotions. Raymond Sintes a neighbor who is a pimp seems to feel comfortable with Meursault. Raymond does not have to justify himself because Meursault doesn't comment on how he makes money or how he chooses to live his life. There was a part in the book where Raymond cheated on a girlfriend. Another part was where Salamano another neighbor, was very depressed when he loses his dog.

Meursault‘s reactions are very different he doesn't get depressed at death nor does he get emotionally involved. He appears to be totally unemotional. I think by that he feels no pain and is protected from life's disappointments. Meursault kills an Arab. Not once does he show any remorse or guilt for what he did. He acted as if it was something you would do everyday. It seems that Meursault Is almost OblIVIOLIS and totally calm by events and people around him. He Is unWIllIng to lie during his trIal about killing the Arab. His unWIllingness to get Involved in defending himself results In a verdict of death by guillotine. If Meursault had been involved in his defense, explaining what he did. he might have been set free.

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