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Reaching College Students

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Reaching College Students

We have already noted that college students are frequent volunteers and can therefore be a fundamental help in the attainment of the firm’s objectives.  Being a non-profit making organization, the assistance provided by volunteers is fundamental to ensure that we provide the services that our firm was set for.

Communication Strategies

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Promotional tools are usually adopted in order to convey a message to the targeted group.  However, in this case, our objective is not only to communicate the message but also to induce involvement in our activities by the college students we are trying to reach (Bellis M.).  It is of fundamental importance that the promotion adopted adheres to our corporate objectives.

Promotional Techniques and Materials

The promotional techniques and mediums should be ones that effectively reach the students.  In this respect I suggest advertising and public relations.  The correct advertising medium would be college magazines that are aimed to reach mass quantities of students (Kotler P. et al. 1999, p 773-776).

With respect to public relations, we should also seek arrangements with college deans so that we can perform public relation lectures in which we outline our objectives and activities.  At this stage, applications should also be forwarded to interested volunteers.

It is very important that the messages conveyed in the promotion mix try to reveal encourage students to volunteer by showing how much they can help.  We ought to try to evoke the kindness inherent in them.


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