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Medical Terminology Paper

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Medical Terminology Paper #1 A Friend of mine went to a girls basketball game with his daughter one night a couple of weeks ago. While they were there, his daughter Nia was complaining of CRAMPING in her right GASTROCNEMIUS, it got so bad at one time her Dad (Scott) told her to point her toes upward to try and stop the CRAMPING. When she did, she had temporary PARALYSIS in her legs and fainted. He then took her home where she seemed to be fine for a while.

After a while had passed she then went to get up to do something and fainted again. He then called the rescue squad who came and took VITAL SIGNS and with their DIAGNOSIS brought her to the Glens Falls Hospital Emergency Department to be assessed in the TRIAGE room. After several blood samples and ANGIOGRAPHY there PROGNOSIS was she was full of THROMPLIC OCCLUSIONS from her ABDOMIN CAVITY to her TOES.

At that time the PHYSICIAN decided to send her by helicopter immediately to Albany Medical Center where they have a NEUROLOGY SPECIALTY GROUP. Once she was assessed in TRIAGE there they immediately ran a PHLEBOGRAPHY along with a DUPLEX ULTRASOUND, and lots of bloods samples that checked ERYTHROCYTES, HEMOGLOBIN, LUEKOCYTES, THROBOCYTES, LYMPHOCYTES MONOCYTES, NEUTROPHILS, among many other things.

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Medical Terminology Paper

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The SURUM is very important in a blood sample of this sort because it is used to find FRIBRINOGEN AND PROTHROMBIN which is CLOTTING PROTEINS. After the test where done they started her on an ANTICOACULANT to prevent any more clotting, and a DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS TREATMENT to break up the clots she had. After a few days the THROMBUS were gone and she was able to come home. She is still seeing SPECIALIST because they have not found out why this has happened. All they know is that it is a Factor #5 defect.

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