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MBA essay

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Dear ,

As a student of [state you university here] taking up Mathematical and Computer Science,]  I was trained to be proficient in the various disciplines within the sciences.  And now that I am graduating this December 2007, I plan to take up master’s in business administration in Lamar in order to pursue my short-term goal of expanding my knowledge in business. I believe that having expertise in both science and business could help me a lot in terms of my career path and personal development.

Science and business are two fields that offer bountiful opportunities especially if complemented with each other. I believe that science incorporated with a good business acumen would be instrumental in the realization of my long-term goal of being a manager for an esteemed company in the future.

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I believe that a master’s in business administration would prove to be assistive for my dream to hold a managerial position in a reputable company. Taking a Lamar master’s in business administration would be of help in terms of giving me more insight in how to make a business venture successful and beneficial to many people. At present, I observe that mainstream business tend to be more focused in just earning money alone. The ethical side of business is often forgotten in order to give way to the unrelenting drive for profit.

Questions such as “How could this business be advantageous to the general populace?”  or “How could this business help create wealth for many people” are now in danger of becoming obsolete. It was thus encouraging to know that the Lamar MBA puts a stress on business ethics. This shows the integrity of the university in imparting to its students (and would-be students) an ethical and at the same time profitable business venture.

What also encouraged me to apply is the university’s experiential approach to analyzing situations and solving problems. This makes the program more dynamic since it doesn’t adhere to one formula alone. It allows the students to utilize lessons culled from their own experiences in order to make business more effective. This is exiting and challenging for me given my background. Having middle eastern roots, I came from a very conservative family.

My decision to study in the US was very difficult considering that my family was disposed to the idea that I stay and study in my own country [state your country here]. After a good deal of convincing, my family finally approved my decision to study here in the US. I would have easily given up if not for my belief for a globally focused business. And being a melting pot of different cultures, US is an ideal place to exercise my belief for unity in diversity.

Seeing and experiencing two different worlds was a profoundly life-changing experience. It actually shaped my identity as a multi-perspective individual.  This I believe forms the basis of my leadership qualities. To be a good leader, one must be able to accommodate various ideas in order to make something more vibrant and varied. My idea of a good leader is someone who is open-minded yet at the same time firm in making decisions.

I got my idea of how a leader should be after working for two months in the US military. I chose to work in the military in order to learn straight from my father who works in the military as a general manager. There, I witnessed the effective way of dealing with different kinds of people. I have learned that respect is a key element in team building.

For a particular team to function, the members, especially the leader, must show respect to everyone. Each one must also be disciplined and professional in dealing with the task at hand. Moreover, constructive criticisms should always be expected from everyone in order to correct what needs to be corrected.

My idea of an effective leader was affirmed after taking a class under Professor [name the professor here.] He now teaches in Lamar university, and this is also one of the reasons why I am applying to this program. Professor [name of professor here] taught me a lot of valuable things that could not be found in our textbooks. This is not to say however, that he dismissed the importance of learning from books. What he did in our class was complement the things found in our textbook with practical lessons from our daily experiences. The effect was a much more comprehensive class.

He also understood each of his students’ own capabilities and did not in any way try to set one standard of what a “good” student is. For him, all of us have potential and it is actually up to us to hone and nurture that  potential. This encouraged the students to work harder and be more efficient. I wouldn’t deny that my desire to apply in this university is partly due him. But above all, it is my determination to learn business that inspired me to apply to this program.

Given my disposition and qualifications, I tender my application in the hope of getting accepted. I believe that my vision for an ethical business combined with science fits into this master’s program. To my mind, the master’s program would be a great venue for me to fully realize my potential and vision for a new brand of business. Through this program, I believe I could learn more and at the same time impart something that would further enliven our knowledge of business.

Hoping for your positive response,


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