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Managerial communication

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Managerial communication

1. Title: Nonverbal Communication.

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2. Publication date: Spring 2004.

3. Topic: Nonverbal Communication.

4. Who: Neal A. Hartman.

5. What: Symbolic means of communication.

6. Where: MIT.

7. When: spring 2004.

8. How or Why: Teaching Notes.

9. I think this topic is effectively teaching the importance of communication plans for managers by exploring the scope of nonverbal communication in the context of an organization. It is important to note that most of the time non verbal communication is used jointly with verbal communication. While studying about non verbal communication, Psychology studies the use of the body in interpersonal communication. The experience, culture, and understanding of the person are important influential factors in the perception process. Psychological and phenomenal consciousnesses are created by perception and the Employee’s perception regarding the management of the organization will affect the work behavior and overall out come. Non verbal communication has important role in shaping the nature of perception. It is through the process of close observation, analysis, and experiences of the surrounding and living environment an employee will perceive his living and working condition and the whole world including his organization. Therefore in managing the organizational behavior, the perceptions of its employees and the non verbal communication process in which they are involving, are very important. By making use of these two aspects of perception and non verbal communication, the organizational behavior can be monitored and shaped properly so that constructive decisions regarding employee motivation, change management, creating of healthy work environment etc, can be initiated by the management.

 The topic is closely related to the managerial communication as it approaches the topic of non verbal communication analytically. Most of the time nonverbal communication is followed by verbal communications. In the case of non verbal communication the most expressive outlet is the face and therefore by clearly understanding the facial expressions of an individual, the message could be understood clearly. Such an understanding will make the communication process more effective. Both the perception and non verbal communication of an individual are influenced by the emotional and cultural factors. Therefore while in an organizational context for managing the behavior of an individual it is essential to have clarity about the cultural and social backgrounds influential to the shaping of the individual behavior. In general, communication takes place in four zones such as intimate zone, personal zone, social zone, and the public zone. Each zone is reflecting the cultural and social norms of the individuals or group involved. Other than the gestures and body languages the dress and clothing of an individual also acts as non verbal communicating agent. In an organizational context the dress code will be influenced by the corporate culture.


(Nonverbal Communication): Retrieved March 25, 2009, from the World Wide Web

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