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London – Stan Marshal

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The city of Lonetown, now in its 21st century, is one of the most popular, urbanised capitals of the world. It is a place of opportunity, commotion and great excitement, bringing the public together from all four corners of the world. The towering landscape and the everlasting history not only anthropomorphises the exciting and unique British quality of life but also the many doubts that are brought about by such a popular city overall.

The barriers that block such this metropolis from the exceptional and idealistic world that we exceptionally want to live in, strangely enough relegate Lonetown to the abysmal and diabolical mess that many people could say was beyond the bounds of possibility. Every insignificant feature that we see in daily British society has some kind of improbable flaw in it, for example; the car that an ordinary person drives brings a source of freedom, fun and, worst of all, road tax.

It would be such a disappointment to ruin such an enormously popular city like Lonetown through problems that appear from certain individuals from the depths in society. Nevertheless, we could say that Lonetown is climbing the stairway that leads to the turbulent, hellish point in civilisation rather than the divine utopian society that we all long for, where the devil himself is omnipresent and wicked. What is strange is that few people perceive, let alone care. The drinking, drugs and explicit language set bad examples to the new and forthcoming generations of citizens, yet this is so widespread that society altogether is worsening.

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Stan Marshal and Louise Clark are two characteristic examples of different people with separate philosophies, who expose the detrimental aspects of society in a battle between what is right and what is wrong. Stan Marshal, a person at the peak of his career and preparing for his spectacular fifth concert. The fans loved him but their parents ostracised him. It was not surprising since he had the looks and the style to be the talented hip-hop rap singer that he is. The teenagers loved his down-to-earth attitude of drinking and drugs, and the shocking language in his songs.

On the other hand, Louise Clark, an upbeat single mother, was forced to take her son to the concert promised to be incredible and breathtaking. She was obviously against this and the influence this particular rap singer had on her children. After all, a single mother taking care of three children was a strenuous job and she had passed the last few years without her husband by her side. Everyday was like deja-vu, waking up at six o'clock in the morning and spending the day vacuuming, washing, cleaning and feeding her children.

Living in the dilapidated side of Lonetown, she had to handle everything there was- alcohol, drugs abuse and unemployment. Her only hope and motivation now was for her children not to grow up to be the failure that she now is, however this seemed rather bleak considering her eldest child, Michael, seemed obsessed and somewhat manipulated by Stan and his hip-hop music. It is astonishing what a little public acclaim can do. Stan's uprising popularity was not only because of his distinct music to the younger generation but also his momentous yet obscene lifestyle.

His consistent intake of alcoholic drinks, smoking cannabis and injecting heroin was not really surprising. It was by this process that made him into such an unusual person, which accordingly made him attract attention easily. Some would say he lived life on the edge, taking extraordinary risks quite recently and eventually ending up in the middle of a clash between two gangs. Parents believed that wherever he walked, he carried trouble along with him, which is why they tried to prevent their children from coming into contact with him in any way.

However, every crime that a teenager does at some point in their life is influenced either by peer pressure or by a person similar to Stan's character. This is the reason why Louise felt the need to take a stand. Not only was she apprehensive by the fact that her son was listening to his music, but also the way it may affect her two daughters- Lisa and Rachael and whether they would be manipulated by Stan's crude temperament. With the concert finished, Stan's follower waited for him to leave. They were so devoted to his brilliance in hip-hop music that they were inclined to wait a day if they needed to for his autograph.

Michael and his mother were amongst the multitude of people, who fortunately had a clear view of the Limousine and the door Stan was supposed to depart from. Louise was astonished to notice that she was probably the only parent to come to the concert, and worst of all she did not like it. It started with the foul words, as he appeared on the stage with his trademark item- the chainsaw. It ended yet again with the offensive words and to top it all off, some drinking and drugs. Louise wanted to carry Michael away as quickly as she could straight from the moment Stan's obnoxious figure appeared on the stage.

Nonetheless she couldn't firstly, because it was Michael's birthday and secondly, because she was interested in the impact Stan made on these pitiful teenagers. Finally, twenty minutes or so after the concert, Stan appeared, cameras flashed and girls screamed. It was quite a spectacle, however it took little time for Stan to walk to his car without somehow caring about the people who surrounded him. He was in the music business for his image, popularity and money and cared little about the assembly of people surrounding him.

This is why Louise really felt the need to do something and to make at least one ignorant child in the swarm aware of the kind of character Stan was. She felt the urge of inflicting some kind of damage to his dim-witted character, yet it seemed unwise considering he carried a chainsaw with him. At least she tried to make herself prominent in the mass crowd. Although there were policemen in the way of both Stan and Louise from confronting each other, they still exchanged looks, both realising that they were the opposition's antagonist. Stan made little response in the presence of Louise, however he had a feeling of scepticism and doubt.

Louise, on the other hand, felt even more displeasure by looking at his face. She expected a grin from him, almost a smirk of triumph because of his ascendancy and his organisation of loyal fans. She felt the need to retaliate with vengeance or retribution because the way he, like other artists, made a disgrace of society and musical culture overall. So what was her course of action now- to bring to an end his vulgar music and his influence to the teenagers or to leave him with his mass popularity. The answer was easy: to overthrow Stan. To diminish his popularity. To topple his image.

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