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Dramatic changes in the London areas

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Whilst working on this project I have collected a series of results. My results consist of how the Central Business District (CBD) shows us the Burgess Model. As you can see by the map below London clearly shows the rings of the Burgess Model. This is just one of many maps of London that shows the Model. I found that what I intended to find from research such as maps and graphs was correct.

1) Danecourt Gardens 16

2. Carnforth Gardens 4

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3. Gale Street 9

4. Harold Road -3

5. Queens Road West 4

6. Wellington Way -15

7. Bow road 4

One of the first destinations we visited was Danecourt Gardens, as you can see my results show that this location was the highest point on my graph. Danecourt Gardens showed high quality, well-designed detached properties in good condition. The range of properties in this area command high prices. This area demonstrated a safe environment consisting of uncongested streets, which resulted in easy parking and access that in turn creates little pollution. The area was attractive in design and of a good reputation; there was plenty of open space and greenery. In general this is a desirable area to live in.

On the other end of the scale my graph shows a completely different story. For instance on visiting Wellington Way, which was one of my last places to visit, this graph will show expensive but badly designed and in poor condition properties. From my observations the majority of properties I saw were tower block flats. As a result of these designs it is commonly described, as a Concrete jungle. Due to this area of design parking for non-residents was difficult, parking for residents was provided by way of designated car parks. In general there was little open green space, the majority being tarmac and paving. I also observed a large amount of vandalism consisting of graffiti and damage to street furniture. Of all the locations I visited in my opinion I found Wellington Way was the poorest.

Key Question:

The environmental areas vary as we go further out of the Burgess Model. Going from the CBD the first type of housing you come to would be terraced housing. The last section of the burgess model would be luxury high class residential, so from the first housing section to the last you can clearly see how much the type of housing improves.


The environmental quality clearly has an improved change with the further you travel from the CBD.

My Conclusion

In my conclusion I found dramatic changes in the London areas, starting with the CBD and travelling out to the more high-class residential areas. I found that this study highlighted the environmental quality within the east London areas starting with Upminster working our way down to Plaistow.

I would say that quality housing usually attracts a different class of people compared to the central areas of London's terraced housing. I found that the number of detached properties greatly out numbered that of semi and terraced houses.

Working my way towards the CBD the pattern of housing changed dramatically there was the occasional detached property but in main it was dominated by semi detached properties. One of the problems of this type of housing is that off road parking is poor. This makes a problem of congested streets.

Eventually on reaching the centre of London all property was either terraced of flat accommodation. These particular types of properties provide no parking other than permit holders or at payment metres. The further I progressed into London the more obvious that parking was a serious problem.

Gardens eventually became non-existent; the only means of relaxation was by way of balconies or rooftops.

Graffiti is an environmental problem of which London has its fair share. Graffiti is wide spread over almost everything.

London can be a nice place to live in, it all depends on your financial position.

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