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Life Principles

Certain past experiences have shaped and melded principles that I live by daily. Values such as time, family and health became a priority through difficult moments. Events when I had health problems taught me to appreciate time and prioritise my well-being and moments when I was deprived of closed ones made value them more than ever before.

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First of all, one of my main moments in life was when I was misdiagnosed with cancer. It all started when I was still in school, my maturity exams where getting close and every day I was followed by constant headaches. Few month were spent going from one doctor to another. Finally I got results of MRI of my brain which said I have cancer tissue. I remember as it was yesterday, going out of the hospital, standing and hugging my mother and crying. I never felt that scared in my life. Then, after more visits I received another diagnosis, thankfully a brighter one. Those few month have thought that time should not be wasted as there might not be as much of it as you wish.

Secondly, fast-forward to a couple years later. I had the opportunity to do an internship in Milan at one starred Michelin restaurant. I believed it was going to be the next step in my career as a pastry chef. Then those three months that I spent in Italy were one of the most intense and toughest month. As I worked fourteen hours a day, six days per week, homesickness was in full mode. It was not easy, but it helped me understood how much I miss and value my family and close friends.

Finally, one year has gone by since I was in Milan and I was facing health issues once again. I completely transformed into a workaholic and drove myself into a hospital bed. I would be lying in the hospital bed, l still would stress about my job. With the help of my family and close friends I understood that if I want to live a happy life, I should prioritise my mental and physical health.

All in all, my past experiences helped to figure out how much I value my time, family and health. These values have become my guidelines, not only in times of struggle, but in everyday situations. Having strong values in life can help make better decisions and lead a stable life.