Legal Issues in Interviewing

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I would never try to pronounce the name the way Lance did. I would simply ask how to pronounce the candidate's name. I would then ask the candidate to tell me a little about themselves. This is the part the usually will disclose where they are from, if they have children, married or not, where they went to school, and their interests.

  1. Incarceration Insult: If I felt that the candidate may have a criminal record I would then discuss the back ground check that will be performed. Hopefully this Is when the candidate will speak up If they do have a criminal back ground.
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  3. Elderly Error: I don't see why this is coming up in the interview anyways. This is an inappropriate question and should never be asked. If the interviewer feels that he or she should know this information then they should have the candidate fill out an application that will have them put their DOBB down and then Just do the math.
  4. Medical Muddle: How Lance words this Is again unprofessional and Inappropriate. An easier way to may ask the candidate If there Is anything that may restrict them in doing any of the work duties that they are applying for.
  5. Offspring Offense: This is important information to know but the key is how to word the question without offending anyone. I would explain that the Job will have some demanding hours and shifts. I would further explain that they may have to cover and work doubles or work evening hours. Then I would ask them if there was anything that would prevent them for being able to work these hours.
  6. Interview.
  7. Language Louse-Up: This again was very unprofessional and irrelevant. I would check the resume to see if the candidate is bilingual. If so I would then ask him what languages and leave that subject at that.
  8. Pregnancy Problem: If the candidate is fit for the position and will do well with the company I would offer the job and then discuss maternity leave with the candidate.
  9. Racial Rudeness: Asking anything that is related to the candidate's race is irrelevant and unprofessional. I would never ask anything like this.
  10. Religious Ruckus: Again this is an inappropriate question that does not need to be asked or brought up.

I loud give her the information regarding paid holidays if it got to that point in the interview and let her know if she needs a different holiday that is not listed then she can feel free to use her vacation time for this holiday. I think that if I was ever in an interview with Lance and he asked me the questions like he did in the video I would definitely cut the interview short and ask to speak to his supervisor. Most questions asked in this video were done very condescending and rude. Most likely Lances superiors have no idea that this is how interviews candidates.

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