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Learning Styles and Competencies

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Especially when the instructor give exactly what they want out of you when learning room them, like precise instructions, directions, and they give the tools needed to complete their course. My three highest results on the competency spectrum are researching, applying expertise, and logical thinking. Researchers learn new task and retains the Information quickly. Also they demonstrate an Immediate understanding of newly presented Information. A researcher supports good decision making due to well done research. Second was applying expertise this is using technology to achieve goals.

Demonstrates an understanding of a variety of different things. Third s logical thinking which is using all sources available to complete a task. Logical thinkers have a great understanding of problems and thinks of ways to solve them. Also they think about the future and the action we make today will affect us in the future and to make wise choices. I believe I am a great researcher and I always I am usually the one looking up everything and researching everything to know before making decisions. Second is applying expertise which I also agree that I am good at . My friends and family always ask me for my expertise.

I am open too variety of different things. Third is logical thinking I believe that is also pretty true about myself. I understand problems and can always come up with a solution that everyone Is happy with. These results did not surprise me. And competencies as determined by these activities. I don't think there are any major alterations to my study techniques to take advantage of my abilities. My study habits and competencies match well with my results.. I strategies my week with what I need to learn and study. I think logically and deduce answers by making rational judgments.

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Learning Styles and Competencies

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I analyze information to find out what it means and how it works. How can knowing your abilities and competencies from the My Career Plan help you prepare for professional environments? I would utilize my strengths, abilities, and skills that I have to market myself better in a professional environment. I believe there is a place in any company that you work at to make yourself shine above the others by applying your strengths to the best of your abilities. I am quick learner and I research anything I don't know and absorb that knowledge for the future when needed.

I coped well with pressure, so anything expected from me in a working environment, I will not falter. I know myself as an individual. I know what my strengths are, and it will benefit me moving forward to prepare me in any professional environment. How would you approach collaborative work in the future given what you now understand about your competencies and abilities? I think by best approach is asking questions with students, teachers, and professional who is already working in the field I am studying in. What is the relationship between your competencies identified in My Career Plan and your results on the personality spectrum profile?

My three highest results on the rationality spectrum are researching, applying expertise, and logical thinking. My personality was musical and interpersonal . What can you do to Improve on the competencies needed for your career goal? Review the competency development tips for assistance with improving competencies. Improve my personal competencies by evaluating my strengths and weaknesses. Make a commitment to add skills that can improve my quality of life. Take classes on line or in physical classrooms to enhance competencies which is what I'm doing now . Look for ways to improve work-life strategically by expanding my skill-set.

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