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Language Slang

Essay Topic:

Language is one of those spheres of human activity that are the first to bring reaction to social and other kinds of changes in human life and activities.Language may even not only follow or accompany these changes but also cause them.Every social or political change, revolution, innovation, introduction of new words and terms is reflected in newspaper publications.

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A great number of people, over 70%, read newspapers everyday[1 5]. Andto keep such a large number of people reading, the newspaper must be easy to read and understand. Using a type of speech that people se everyday is an easy way to accomplish that.

Using colloquial speech should also be used depending on the audience that is reading a newspaper article[1 1,125-126]. Colloquial speech should also be used if an article is written for children or teenagers. A teenager would better relate to “Hey, what’s up? ” than “Greetings. How are you this fine September afternoon? ” Because they can relate to it, they are more likely to understand the text and keep on reading. Not only teenagers and children use this type of language. Many adults still use words like “radar” and “e-mail”; either of them are formal English[1 5].

That is why the theme of this term paper is of a great importance. The relevance of the term paper iscaused bypermanent development of language. While doing our research we will take into account the works of such scientists as Arnold I. V. , Galperin I. R. , Rayevska N. M, Kukharenko V. A. , Antrushyna H. B. and other scholars, who have already made a great contribution to investigating colloquial vocabulary and newspaper style. The task of this term paper is to present the use of colloquial words in British and American newspapers. The aim of the term paper is to analyze the colloquial vocabulary in English newspapers.

To achieve the above mentioned purpose the following objectives are established: to study the theoretical material which is related to the topic of the term paper; -to analyze the newspapers of Great Britain and USA with the aim of selecting special colloquial words; -to define the dominant part of colloquial vocabulary prevailing among the newspapers. The object of the term paper is lexical units representing colloquial English vocabulary. The subject of the term paper is the study of the eculiarities of colloquial vocabulary of English newspapers.

The material for the study is taken from different newspaper articles in the following British and American newspapers: The Gurdian, The New York Times, The Daily mirror, The Sun. In this term paper thefollowing methods of research have been used: -the method of analysis and synthesis; -descriptive method. The method of analysis is used to break a complex topic into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it. The method of synthesis is used to combine separate elements of research in order to form a coherent whole. Descriptive method is used o present the picture of a phenomena under study.

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