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Kfc vs Boston Market

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Both restaurants specialize in chicken meals but the two companies take very deferent approaches to gain the competitive advantage over the competition. KEF Is most known for its fried chicken original and spicy Dark or light meat.

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Kfc vs Boston Market

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. They're both easy on the wallet and have menu options for Individual meals and family eels.

The two companies are products are very scalar In pricing. The two fast food restaurants are similar when It comes to customer service and store conditions, you will find that both companies place customer service In high regards, But the two companies show different store lay out styles. Boston Market lay out Is very simple and seems and more for adults While KEF uses more colors and logos for their store lay outs. Boston market products seem to be more home style and health conscience meals.

KEF Products are focused on convenience and are less health conscience because most of their products are fried, but in recent times KEF has added new menu items that are not fried but grilled and are also healthier options than what was offered in the past. For my decision I pick Boston Market for having the advantage because of its simple store lay out and its health conscience menu items and better drink selection

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