Key Project Management Responsibilities

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They are organized, passionate and goal-oriented, who understand their strategic role in how organizations succeed, learn and change. They need to have not only project managers skills, but also broad knowledge in the sphere, in which they operate projects. From my point of view, T. S Limit ;

the head engineer should be the project manager of Lazy;

scan development project. We would highlight the main factors, which could explain why T. S Limit would be the best choice.

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1 . Technical knowledge It is highly Important for a project manager to have a detailed knowledge of the reject and the technical competence in connection with the scope of the project. T. S Limit is an engineer, he has a deep understanding of all the technical aspects of the project and the processes involved and could help the specialists to make a balanced decision.

2. Personal qualities ( responsibility, goal - oriented behavior, enthusiasm, previous experience, etc,) As the project Is very complex and takes considerable amount of time, it is necessary to keep the enthusiasm and encourage the team members during the whole project for its successful completion. For the last three ears T. S Limit had the experience of running a small team of engineers and were working hard on Innovative development. This experience would help Limit to accomplish the project and Inspire enthusiasm In the project team.

3. Protect manager's skills Project manager skills are the key centre requirements in achieving success in this project. Despite that Limit might not be very experienced person, he still could be a better candidate because of the required skill he possesses. (see #2) Limit has all the essential experience, skills and personality to perform successfully as a leader. . Limb's investigation When making a decision, who Is going to be the project manager, the company's management should take Into consideration, that the whole Idea for Lazy-Kane had come out of a project, which Limit has been involved in 2004.

Moreover, he has his own personal view as to appropriate "architecture" of the project. 2. What are the major difficulties and dangers, that would be faced by the development team as they manage the project towards Its completion? The high complexity of the Lazy ; scan project inevitably leads to a lot of problems, difficulties ND risks connected with its implementation, which should be measured and estimated before the start of the project. We should divide the main problems (risks) Into several major groups. Technical risks: a) The lens The main problem with the lens was the complexity of its shape, and the lens should specification.

From the network diagram we can see, that this activity is not on the critical path, but it is still highly important for the successful completion of the project . After doing some simple calculations we can get: The most likely time for the activity - 28 weeks (10+12+6) The pessimistic time - 53 weeks (13+30+10). According to the critical path, it should be done on the 43 week of the project (activity 33 can be started only after accomplishing of the activity 15), maximum in 33 weeks (43-10=33). The delay for 20 weeks is possible (53 pessimistic weeks - 33 available = 20).

From the network diagram, we can see the huge gap between activities 13-14, which is the main problem with this activity. B) The vision support system The vision support system includes a lot of components, that requires a great engineering effort to modify them. Despite the fact, that the process of the development and testing was successful and due to the schedule, allocation of more funds would help to finish this part of the project ahead of schedule. Here this process contains the critical path, which means that it's one of the most important for the project.

The main problem with the vision support system is that it requires a lot of efforts to maintain it. And if the decision on this risk would not be taken, the project could be late for 4 weeks. (instead of most likely 20 weeks (8+2+10), we could finish the project in 24 weeks (9+4+11)). ) The control software The control software represented the most complex task and the most difficult to plan and estimate. The problem is that the software development department has little experience of this type of work.

As the activities in this process are new to the project it's been seen that they have hired a new young engineer which has got some experience in this field. So the danger here is if the new engineer is capable enough to handle this project? , and secondly if he is the only one in the project team with specific skills, what if he is incompetent or is absent due to unavoidable resistances? Time of the laugh of Lazy - scan (time risk) It was vital that the Lazy - scan must be ready for the world trade show in Geneva in 2006.

This crucial deadline meant that some of the activities accelerates and became more expensive, and, as a result, the cost of the project has grown. So the project starts at the end of February and is mentioned that it has to be completed before April 2006. This period of time is approximately 58 weeks, but if we would exclude days-off, holidays, sickness of some team members, it would leave only 52-54 work weeks approximately. We could do some calculations to estimate the possibility of completion the project in 53 weeks (we would take the average one).

As to the vision support system, which is the critical path of the project, it is really important to put all the efforts and all the possible funds to speed up this process, because on its success depends all the other execution of the project. The problem with the control software is that company's engineers have little experience of working on tasks like this. So, from my point of view, the company should not only hire an outsourcer to handle this part of the project, but also should provide some parallel training and consulting (maybe seminars for engineers) on this problem. Learn under what circumstances should a company's management team give serious consideration

So if the outsourcer appears to be bad- qualified or would be absent for some serious reasons, there would not be any serious problems or delays. Talking about the time risk, there is no evident solution, because the terms of the project are already very tough. From my point of view, one of the possible solutions could be reconstructing the project schedule in that way, that one of the team members would always be ahead of schedule. This would speed up the process on the whole. Also, it is a good idea to carry out several processes, which did not depend on each other, parallel (at the name time).

As to the organization risk, the company's leaders should make a decision as soon as possible and choose the project manager not to waste time.

Risk management plan

Risk Probability

* Impact

* Actions

1. The lens 3 9 - to involve an experienced worker from the United Photonic or an outsourcer to deal with the problem - to reconstruct the schedule, so that the solution of this problem would go parallel with another activities

2. The vision support system 15 - to involve more funds and efforts to maintain the system and complete the task on time

3. The control software to hire an outsourcer - to provide trainings or seminars for the companies engineers on this problem

4. The time deadline - to shorten some activities to save time and avoid time risk*** - to work on the project schedule, so that one team member would always be ahead of schedule. That would save time in general

5. Lack of experience of the engineers 16 The same actions, as for the risk #3

6. No single project leader No possible actions for team members.

*- estimation 1-5

**- priority = probability


***To shorten some activities, we need to accelerate them.

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