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Jupiter Transit

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Simms Lagan/ Leo Ascendant would have Jupiter transiting the 12th House in exaltation and so spiritual pursuits, knowledge at the feet of the Guruј/ Guru and following of favorable routines will happen which will lead to healthy sleep. If there are afflictions to the 12th House in the Lagan chart for this Ascendant then these may be cured and eased during this period. The events leading up to a goal would be paved not only with good intentions but with good actions and all that begins well, well, begins well, in a departure from the click©.

The Leo ?rј

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Navaho Chart of the Jupiter transit- Before we proceed let us look at the inner energies prevailing with Jupiter at the time of the transit into Cancer. The Naves/ Navaho Charka at the time of transit is given below- Navaho Yoga- We can see that Jupiter is Joined Mars in Guruј-Maxilla/ Guru-Managua Yoga and is aspect by Venus/ guar/ Sahara. Not only does Guruј/ Guru have the prowess of Mars to express itself but it has the locked eye debate with Venus as well who insists on coming forth with his mundane and pragmatic knowledge.

The Did-Guruј Yoga in the Naves Charka for the transit has great potential for learning and growth and expanding one's horizons. While on this theme the readers can experiment with Vary Gorham/ transits reckoned in the divisional charts of the horoscope and see what sort of inferences emerge. NSubsequent papers on this website will cover the transits of Rah/ Rah to Kane RSi/ Kenya Rash/ Virgo and Skeet to Mina RSi/Mean/Pisces as well as of Saturn to Scorpio/ gain n Vџkick RSi/ Varnishing Rash later in the year. This is also important because the planets for a variety of reasons form pairs-of- opposites. While Jupiter is optimism, Saturn is pessimism, and so happiness and sadness, success and failure, expansion and constriction, growth and decay are all instances of this pollarded continuum.

For these reasons the planets must be considered together. Similar is the situation when it comes to studying Jupiter on the one hand and the Rah-Skeet axis on the other. On many occasions antithetical features emerge but then this should only be taken as a basic thumb rule without more at this stage. Jupiter forms a great function for Aries/ Map/ Mesh Lagan as it transits through the 4th Behave/ Behave in exaltation. This is a Kidder Behave/ Kenned Behave/ quadrant house, and its auspiciousness is greatly heightened with the exalted energy of Guruј/ Guru.

We would always do well to remember that Jupiter is properly the representative of divinity in any horoscope and always seeks to do good for the person. It gives unconditionally and leads one to life changing realizations and knowledge depending on its strength in the horoscope. Significations such as home, mother, properties and education stand to be greatly unfitted depending on the combinations prevailing in the horoscope. The 4th is also the Sushi Behave and there is none better than Jupiter to bring lasting and meaningful happiness.

Impact of Aspect/ Diarist of Transit Jupiter- In these descriptions we should also remember the power of the aspects of Jupiter which it casts through its special Graham Dir$I/ Graham Diarist/ planetary aspect. The 5th House aspect of Jupiter falls on the sign of Scorpio/ Avarice/ Varnishing. There are two rudimentary ways in which we can appreciate this. Firstly, the future of Cancer is illuminated through depth and occult. The best of these matters stands to mom through now with Guru informing the sign with its aspect.

Secondly, Scorpio as a sign in itself receives the special aspect and benefits, both generally, understanding its own Karma and learning ways to do something about it, and specifically through structured precept since Karat/ Karat is the 9th sign of the Guru and religion when reckoned from Scorpio. Scorpio is in luck from June to November, 2014 when Sans/ Shania decides to enter the sign. Which are likely to come during this period very seriously and to use them to the utmost because there is no opportunity cost in availing the grace of Jupiter.

Of course al this applies to only those charts to which it does, but then that goes without saying. For Sagittarius though, it may be an intriguing time and this in itself is an interesting consequence since Jupiter rules Daunts/ Danish Lagan. But Cancer is the 8th House from Sagittarius and for any nativity with Danna Lagan rising this is a challenging placement in the radix. The 8th House is unfathomable and adversely effects the natural benefice placed here. So ironically, for Deanna Lagan the advisory will be to take care of their health, intelligence and thoughts. Not so for those with Sagittarius ?rјHere the persons with such a placement will be able to get into fruitful relationships with others with the highest ethics and in work shall have ready access to resources which complement their goals and programs. Readers can appreciate that this also ties in with the other transit for Sagittarius especially the Moon sign/ Ganja RSi/ Ganja Rash since the ingress into Scorpio of the planet Saturn will signal the commencement of the Eased-Sati where the entire societal and psychological make-up of the person is altered. Taurus individuals stand on something similar when it comes to the footing, specially those of Barabbas/ Brainwash Lagan.

Jupiter is transiting the 3rd House from the Lagan which relates to matters which Jupiter is not entirely comfortable with. It is also called the Adducing Behave. The positive or the silver lining, and it is quite a notable one, is that there is Baggy/ Baggy Yoga formed by the 7th House aspect of Jupiter in the 3rd House. Relevance of the Marina Karakas Stand- As I often write, the Maraca Karma Stash/ Marina Karakas Stand positions of planets are important and Guruј/ Guru is in Maraca Karma Stash in the 3rd Behave from the Lagan.

Matters indicated by Jupiter in the natal horoscope especially if its planetary period is running in the Ads/ Dash system will tend to be tested. The position is not much better in those horoscopes where the ?rјPlease do not wear a yellow sapphire/ Pagers/ Pushchair stone under any resistances if you should have this combination in the natal horoscope and do not Mina Lagan/ Pisces Ascendant is blessed by the 9th House Graham Dir$I/Graham Diarist/ planetary aspect of transit Jupiter and also happens to be the own sign of the planet. For this reason the sating from knowledge which is brought by the blessings of Jupiter is of a high order for this sign during the sojourn of Guruј/ Guru in Karat RSi/ Karat Rash.

Jupiter transiting in the 5th House in exaltation blesses the children and their intelligence and performance in studies and work will climb favorably. Thoughts ND internal make-up of Pisces, powerful appointments and advisory roles will come to the forefront. Decisions made during this time will bode well for the future. The position is equally good if not better for the Mina ?rјSpeculation will yield great benefits and finance appears to be a very lucrative dimension; as a professional pursuit during this time, finance professionals will feel the boost during these otherwise slow times. For Kenya ?rјFor those with Kenya Lagan rising in the Lagan chart/ RSi Charka/ Rash Charka, a highly stabilizing influence comes to the working of the mind of the Virgo individual and all the information gathering and the confusion and that search for elusive refection and complete logical explanation for all things, starts to fall into place. The Eased-Sati is also on the verge of ending but as stated, more on that in a later paper at the appropriate time. Capricorn Ascendant/ Maker Lagan finds their world of marriage, partnerships, and direct personal interaction changing.

The concept of natural Pad tells us that it is the 7th House which truly reflects the happiness in the heart and the real Sushi. Jupiter as the Sushi Karakas in exaltation blesses this facet of life. The workaholic haze is aided for Capricorn ?rјStay true to your ethical parameters and this will then show well in life. Kumara Lagan/ Aquarius Ascendant finds that the vehement enmity is no longer that not comfortable with undergoes a sea change and higher ground is attained. Substance addictions, alcohol, nicotine and drug use will now be helped by the tremendous care and awareness brought about by Jupiter. When these enemies thin are handled then the path of one's growth through effort and action is rendered more accessible.

The position is very different for those with Aquarius ?rјThis is Mall Yoga and can lead to a spotless and perfect performance in the chosen sphere of work. In the Libra ?rјFinances and food, and the absence of unworthy secrets all illuminate life. For the Gemini ?rј

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