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Iwantto Become a Rapper

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Chapter 18-30

  1. What is symbolic about Edna considering the Ratignolles’ life French and foreign? The concept of marriage has become foreign to her. The Ratignolle's purpose in life is much different from hers.
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  3. Why does Edna pity Adele after witnessing this marital bliss? Edna pities Adele because Adele will never know Edna’s true feelings about her desire to be an independent woman and her desire to make love with another man. Adele has a different perspective of life than Edna which makes it hard for her to tell her true desire.
  4. Why is it more powerful for Edna to neglect her household than to have temper tantrums? If Edna neglects her household she would get more of a reaction from Lenoce than to have a temper tantrum.
  5. Why does it make sense that Adele wouldn’t like Mademoiselle Reisz? Adele is the exact opposite of Mademoiselle Reisz in what Adele believes in. They have different views on life. Adele is more of a housewife who enjoys being around her family while Mademoiselle Reisz is more independent, she is unmarried and also childless, she focuses on herself more than others.
  6. Why do Robert’s letters fill Edna with despondency? Most of his letters were not sent to Edna but the ones that were had no emotions to it.
  7. What is the centerpiece of Mademoiselle Reisz’s apartment? She has a piano at the centerpiece.
  8. What does M. Reisz tell Edna about being an artist? That in order to be an artist, she must possess a courageous soul that dares and defies
  9. Why does Leonce go to consult Dr. Mandelet? The change in Edna’s behavior.
  10. What does Dr. Mandelet fear is the cause of Edna’s change? That she may like another man.
  11. What are Edna and her father’s relationship like? They are not is not affectionate. He believes that husbands should take authority over their wives which Edna opposes.
  12. How does Edna feel and act toward Leonce right before he leaves for a long trip to NY? She actually gets a bit emotional and starts tearing up when Leonce leaves. she feels sad but not for too long.
  13. How does Edna feel after Leonce and the children have gone? She feels at peace and free.
  14. Who is Alcee Arobin and where did Edna meet him? A man that Edna starts having feelings for. They met at the horse race at Grand Isle.
  15. Why is Edna making preparations to move to another house while Leonce is away? So she would think about Leonce's possession over her. She wants to be able to forget about him and think more about herself.
  16. Is Leonce aware of Edna’s plans? Yes but he doesn’t agree with her.
  17. Why does Edna say she is a wicked woman?
  18. What specifically does Edna not feel for her relationship with Alcee Arobin? She doesn’t feel love for Alcee but lust
  19. What does Edna take from the old house to the new?
  20. Why is Adele unable to attend Edna’s dinner party?

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