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It’s the Economy, Student! (Reaction Paper)

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It’s the Economy, Student! As the saying goes, “No one touches a dirty pot without getting his/her hand dirty. ” This reminds me of this topic. Based on my own view about the article written by the former president and now the representative of Pampanga, Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, she had done many good things in our country such as: Our climate changes each decade because everyday people neglected to do their duties in order to save our dying environment. We, as perfect creation of our God Almighty, promised to take care of His creatures but we fail doing it.

We must do everything that we can to protect, flourished our nature or environment and its creation, but because of our personal interest and greediness, we explore in several ways on how to make money without thinking the damage that it would do to our world. Moreover, even if we knew that the damage has been done, thus affecting the balance of nature, still we continue doing ways that would destroy our environment just to amaze more power and wealth. Congresswoman Gloria M.

Arroyo, in her given information, said that she was too concerned during her time in promoting how to save our dying environment and she even mentioned this in her talked to Asia Pacific Economic Council (APEC) convention. It is very ironic, while she’s demonstrating her concern to our environment, several mining businesses were allowed to operate during her time such as the ones being mentioned in the news that there was this kind of mining, such as selling the entire mountain in Surigao Del Norte and shipping it to other countries such as China and other neighboring countries.

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I am just astonished on how perfect she played her game, playing around the circle. Now tell me who’s talking? The mountain that cannot be replaced anymore. And who will be to blame? The calamities, one after another, that we are experiencing this days, are the products of the great master plan of the once greedy person. Yes she signed a large laws to codify the environment such as clean water, bio fuel…etc. nd yet what was the result of our natural gas, “THE MALAPAYA DEEP WATER GAS PROJECT IN PALAWAN” still we are spending dollars importing gases …tell me who’s talking… She said that she created a program that could fight for the continuously increasing unemployed citizens in the country, jobless citizens, so we can over calm poverty, she managed to compare her program to the program of former president Estrada, who’s presidency lasted only for 2 yrs…definitely her program runs through many years, but does it give credit?

Tell me who’s talking…. Talking about the education … let me say, as I recall it right, she managed to get mad at Department of Education Assistant Secretary Tonisito Umali, when the latter said to her on national television that the schools in our country need classrooms, teachers, etc. because they can no longer accommodate 70 to 100 students per class. Even Amorsolo can’t paint her aura, the news anchor that time fed in the advertisement at once so the viewer will not notice that scene.

The report stated that, “For Filipinos, family is everything and the future of our children is sacred. That is why I invested so much time and effort in rejuvenating our education system. I met with teachers and other educators to get a first-hand look at the improvements that we need to make. I listened to what these fine public servants had to say, and in response to their advice, I increased the country’s total budget for education by nearly four times: from Ps 6. 6 Billion in 2000 to Ps 24. 3 Billion in 2010 when I stepped down.

Those funds went into the following critical areas of educational spending: Now thinking how she foreseen those problems ,and eventually the solution to those problems, if she manage to done it right definitely our present president will able to continue her act for the betterment of our country, that is if only she done it right.. ” “As my father, the late President Diosdado Macapagal, used to say that the Presidency of the Philippines is a tough and killing job that demands a sense of sacrifice.

At the end of the day, it comes down to plain hard work. A president must work harder than everyone else. And no matter what he thinks he was elected to do — even if that includes running after alleged offenders in the past — he must not neglect the bread and butter issues that preoccupy most of our people most of the time: keeping prices down, creating more jobs, providing basic services, securing the peace, pursuing the high economic growth that is the only way to vault our country into the ranks of developed economies. I must say that if you were given a chance to serve your people, be sure to do your best even if your best is not enough to the people, but in the eyes of God you are serving Him your very best. No turning back, no one will be blamed. -Rosebelle Harlan

It’s the Economy, Student! (Reaction Paper) essay

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