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Is Human Population Growth A Problem Environmental Sciences Essay

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The universe population refers to the entire figure of life worlds on Earth at a given clip. For the past 10, 000 old ages, the universe has been sing a rapid addition in human population. Harmonizing to the most recent U.N. statistics, population has grown from several 1000000s back in the B.C. to over 6.6 billion in the twenty-first century.

Even though the growing rate is bit by bit decelerating, the U.N. population Division still expect the world-wide population to really much hit 9.1 billion by 2050. With most of the addition in Asia and Africa, in peculiar, the poorer states that have no entree to proper family-planning programmes.

Why wage attending to the lifting human population?

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We have all known for long that the human population is no uncertainty the main subscriber to environmental sufferings. However, what small know of is that the human population is merely one of the several factors that affect the environment. The extent to which population addition can be considered a job is still reliant on other factors.

One widely used expression that could assist us understand what factors could really interplayed to do that important impact, would be the IPAT theoretical account that John Holdren from Harvard University came up with. This theoretical account represents how the entire impact on the enviroment consequences from the interaction among population, richness and technoloy.

An Increased population intensifies impact on the environment as more persons take up infinite, usage resources, and generate waste. As the population gets older it gets more flush excessively, thereby demanding higher life criterions to fulfill their 'wants ' . To run into the homo 's instatiable 'wants ' , better engineering would hold to be developed to better mine fossil fuels, clear old-growth woods, or fish.

Assuming that everybody has to be fed, clothed, housed and hopefully supported by paid employment. An increased population would really intend the intensification of the impact that the human population has on the Ecosystem. Hence, the job is non merely that the population is burgeoning. It is besides that the use of the resources, and environmental amendss are besides increasing at a phenomenol velocity.

Impacts and Effectss

All of us would hold known by now that a lifting planetary population have devasting impacts on the Earth. It non merely erodes the life criterions of the universe population, consequences in poorness in already hapless states, affect a state 's economic system, but most significantly has a negative impact on the Ecosystem. We will in the undermentioned paragraphs, expression in deepness the assorted effects it has on the Earth.

There are many environmental jobs associated with it, nevertheless, we will merely look into the chief and the most serious menaces that are being posed by it. They are viz. , urbanization, deforestation, nutrient security, H2O, energy, clime alteration and biodiversity. ( alter some of them )


Urbanization is being defined as the physical growing of urban countries as a consequence of planetary alteration. Furthermore, It can besides be interpreted as the motion of people from rural to urban countries with population growing comparing to urban migration. The United Nations ' undertaking suggested that 60 % of the universe 's population would populate in urban countries at the terminal of 2030.

Sing the limited resources of an urban metropolis, an increased in the population residing at that place would take to more nutrient, more land, more energy, and more H2O being needed to better suit to them. And when that happened, jobs like nutrient security, H2O scarceness, land deficit, and energy deficit will necessitate to be answered.


To work out these issues states have come up with assorted manner like land reclaimation, …….However, many states have been sing the uncluttering up forest to do manner for the enlargement of their metropoliss as the most convenient and congst-effective manner. As they cant afford the cost of land reclaimation And this procedure of glade of of course happening woods by logging and combustion is being known as deforestaton. The expanded district were normally used to turn more harvests, raise more animate beings, every bit good as The lone manner to ease these ballooning demands, is to take between the nature and homo. Either the nature or homo has to give manner, which, in many case, the nature does.

  1. Food deficit
  2. Water scarceness
  3. The lone manner to ease these ballooning demands, is to take between the nature and homo. Either the nature or homo has to give manner, which, in many case, the nature does. ( add in facts form research )
  4. All of the jobs were attributed to the deficiency of land, people started killing wood


Urbanization occurs of course from single and corporate attempts to cut down clip and disbursal in transposing and transit while bettering chances for occupations, instruction, lodging, and transit. Populating in metropoliss licenses persons and households to take advantage of the chances of propinquity, diverseness, and market place competition.

Peoples move into metropoliss to seek economic chances. In rural countries, frequently on little household farms, it is hard to better one 's criterion of life beyond basic nutriment. Farm life is dependent on unpredictable environmental conditions, and in times of drouth, inundation or plague, survival becomes highly debatable.

Cities, in contrast, are known to be topographic points where money, services and wealth are centralized. Cities are where lucks are made and where societal mobility is possible. Businesss, which generate occupations and capital, are normally located in urban countries. Whether the beginning is trade or touristry, it is besides through the metropoliss that foreign money flows into a state. It is easy to see why person life on a farm might wish to take their opportunity traveling to the metropolis and seeking to do adequate money to direct back place to their fighting household.

There are better basic services every bit good as other specializer services that are n't found in rural countries. There are more occupation chances and a greater assortment of occupations. Health is another major factor. Peoples, particularly the aged are frequently forced to travel to metropoliss where there are physicians and infirmaries that can provide for their wellness demands. Other factors include a greater assortment of amusement ( eating houses, film theatres, subject Parkss, etc ) and a better quality of instruction, viz. universities. Due to their high populations, urban countries can besides hold much more diverse societal communities leting others to happen people like them when they might non be able to in rural countries.

These conditions are heightened during times of alteration from a pre-industrial society to an industrial 1. It is at this clip that many new commercial endeavors are made possible, therefore making new occupations in metropoliss. It is besides a consequence of industrialisation that farms go more mechanised, seting many laborers out of work. This is presently happening fastest in India.

Environmental effects

The urban heat island has become a turning concern and is increasing over the old ages. The urban heat island is formed when industrial and urban countries are developed and heat becomes more abundant. In rural countries, a big portion of the entrance solar energy is used to vaporize H2O from flora and dirt. In metropoliss, where less flora and exposed dirt exists, the bulk of the Sun 's energy is absorbed by urban constructions and asphalt. Hence, during warm daytime hours, less evaporative chilling in metropoliss allows surface temperatures to lift higher than in rural countries. Additional metropolis heat is given off by vehicles and mills, every bit good as by industrial and domestic warming and chilling units. This consequence causes the metropolis to go 2 to 10o F ( 1 to 6o C ) warmer than environing landscapes. Impacts besides include cut downing dirt wet and intensification of C dioxide emanations.

In his book Whole Earth Discipline, Stewart Brand argues that the effects of urbanisation are on the overall positive for the environment. First, the birth rate of new urban inhabitants falls instantly to replacement rate, and keeps falling. This can forestall overpopulation in the hereafter. Second, it puts a halt to destructive subsistence farming techniques, like cut and burn agribusiness. Finally, it minimizes land usage by worlds, go forthing more for nature.

Food security

Will at that place be plenty nutrient to travel around? In 64 of 105 developing states studied by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the population has been turning faster than nutrient supplies. Population force per unit areas have degraded some 2 billion hectares of cultivable land - an country the size of Canada and the U.S.

Massive population growing, lifting incomes and turning ingestion of meat are driving the demand for nutrient. Food production has increased well over the past century sustained by increasing outputs due to irrigation, fertilizer usage and enlargement into new lands. But there has been small consideration of nutrient energy efficiency or the ability to understate the loss of energy from nutrient during the harvest home, processing, devouring and recycling phases ( UNEP, 2009 ) .

Over the past 10 old ages, nevertheless, the production of cereals has stabilised and the constitution of piscaries declined, due to miss of investing. This is despite the demand for an estimated 50 per centum addition in current nutrient production degrees by 2013 to maintain up with demand ( Millennium Project, 2008a ) . The effects of population growing, clime alteration, land debasement, harvest and cropland losingss to non-food production, H2O scarceness, desertification, resource-depleting subsistence schemes and urban enlargement agencies nutrient production could be every bit much as 25 per centum less than demand by 2050 ( UNEP, 2009 ) . Subsequently, universe nutrient monetary values, which late reached crisis degree, are expected to increase by a farther 30 to 50 per centum.

Agribusiness histories for 70 per centum of human usage of fresh H2O. However, less than half of the universe 's land is suited for irrigation and the sum of irrigated land country is falling because of dirt eroding, salination, acidification, and alimentary depletion. By 2020, 30 per centum of cultivable land may be salinated and every bit much as 50 per centum by 2050 ( Foresight, 2009a ) .

Genetic and scientific alteration of nutrient is likely to be necessary, for human and carnal ingestion, and for biofuel production ( DCDC,

2007 ) . New agricultural methods such as better rain-fed agribusiness and irrigation direction, familial technology for higher-yielding harvests, and preciseness agribusiness and aquaculture should be considered. To cut down the strain on fresh water agribusiness and set down the viability of saltwater agribusiness on coastlines should besides be assessed ( Millennium Project, 2008a ) .



Water is progressively scarce. If current tendencies continue, 90 per centum of fresh water supplies will vanish by 2030 ( OECD, 2003 ) . Already, 700 million people face H2O scarceness. By 2025, this figure could turn to 3 billion, with two-thirds of the universe 's population confronting water-shortages ( Millennium Project, 2008a ; OECD, 2003 ) .



World energy demands could duplicate in 20 old ages. Oil demand is projected to turn about 40 per centum from 2006 to 2030 ( Millennium Project, 2008a ) .


Changes in land-use are impacting biodiversity. Activities include run outing wetlands, uncluttering woods and substructure enlargement ( OECD, 2003 ; Millennium Project, 2008b ) . Climate alteration is besides holding an consequence. The loss of biodiversity and renewable natural resources reduces stableness and resiliency, and leads to atomization, species loss, and the loss of ecosystem quality. All are critical for economic growing and human wellbeing.

Climate Change

Greenhouse gas emanations are expected to turn by 52 per centum by 2050 ( Millennium Project, 2008a ) . Progressive clime alteration will cut down land for habitation, as some parts experience desertification and others lasting implosion therapy from lifting sea degrees ( DCDC, 2007 ) . Regional conditions forms will be capable to alter, with increased frequence and strength of utmost conditions events, such as heat moving ridges, drouths, storms and inundations ( OECD, 2003 ; Millennium Project, 2008b ) .

These alterations will impact projected nutrient production as some parts will be unable to turn current nutrient basics. Furthermore, fish stocks will decrease or migrate ; and there will be increased force per unit area on H2O supplies and associated industries ( DCDC, 2007 ) .

In the past decennary in every environmental sector, conditions have either failed to better, or they are declining:

Public wellness:

Dirty H2O, along with hapless sanitation, kills over 12 million people each twelvemonth, most in developing states. Air pollution putting to deaths about 3 million more. Heavy metals and other contaminations besides cause widespread wellness jobs.

Sum of land lost to farming by debasement peers 2/3 of North America.

Food supply:

Will at that place be plenty nutrient to travel around? In 64 of 105 developing states studied by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the population has been turning faster than nutrient supplies. Population force per unit areas have degraded some 2 billion hectares of cultivable land - an country the size of Canada and the U.S.

Fresh water:

The supply of fresh water is finite, but demand is surging as population grows and usage per capita rises. By 2025, when universe population is projected to be 8 billion, 48 states incorporating 3 billion people will confront deficits.

Coastlines and oceans:

One-half of all coastal ecosystems are pressured by high population densenesss and urban development. A tide of pollution is lifting in the universe 's seas. Ocean piscaries are being overexploited, and fish gimmicks are down.

The demand for forest merchandises exceeds sustainable ingestion by 25 % .


About half of the universe 's original wood screen has been lost, and each twelvemonth another 16 million hectares are cut, bulldozed, or burned. Forests provide over US $ 400 billion to the universe economic system yearly and are critical to keeping healthy ecosystems. Yet, current demand for forest merchandises may transcend the bound of sustainable ingestion by 25 % .

2/3 of the universe 's species are in diminution.


The Earth 's biological diverseness is important to the continued verve of agribusiness and medicate - and possibly even to life on Earth itself. Yet human activities are forcing many 1000s of works and carnal species into extinction. Two of every three species is estimated to be in diminution.

Global clime alteration:

The Earth 's surface is warming due to greenhouse gas emanations, mostly from firing fossil fuels. If the planetary temperature rises as projected, sea degrees would lift by several metres, doing widespread implosion therapy. Global heating besides could do drouths and disrupt agribusiness.

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