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Is Benjamin Franklin a Quintessential American?

Being a quintessential person in the American setting requires several elements that are identified and attached by other people as a true characteristic of patriotism.The picture drawn for quintessence is one where the person serves as the ideal model for the American people and the steps taken by the person are to be remembered as these are the ideals that put forward progress within the nation once adopted in good terms.

Despite the lack of spontaneous and complete information written by Benjamin Franklin regarding some events in his life, he has shown to be a quintessential American from his early years up to the last pages of his autobiography.First, he has the brevity and courage that pushed him never to give up and try all the resources at his reach.

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When he was working for his brother, differences are highlighted among them and he decided to leave him (Franklin, 1996). He proceeded to move to other areas where he could get employment as his brother prevented him from getting employed in their town (Franklin, 1996).

Employment is an important part of the economy and more and more people are competing for the different jobs available. For some, it becomes very difficult that lead them to give up. However, Benjamin Franklin tried all the means at his disposal and never gave up. Eventually, at the later part of the book, it proves to be the most important characteristic that gave him success in life as he proves to be a real-life example of the American Dream, which at that time is an element attached to the American country.

The perseverance, courage, and brevity in the challenges faced in life are important because these are needed in coping through difficult times. Moreover, these positive attitude and approaches serve as factors towards success in overcoming problems. Second, the courage to make a difference and help others can be seen as a small, yet significant, act that contributes to progress. In the early part of his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin helped a man from drowning as they met a storm during his trip away from his brother (Franklin, 1996).

Acts of kindness and generosity when adopted as a way of everyday living could make a change in the way people treat one another. It serves as a means through which cooperation could be enhanced and the trust of people with one another rebuilt. With what Benjamin Franklin did, he showed that it is possible to help other people and make a difference in their lives. Third, Benjamin Franklin portrays an image of a person who is always thirsty for knowledge and never ceases to hone and earn these in every single way he can.

Education is an important investment for people as this is seen to be a tool which one can rely on in pursuit of progress. It serves as the vehicle for development in one country where investing in the education of the people is a step taken towards the betterment in the society and uplifting the conditions of living. The very reason as to why the government steers and places education among its priorities is because it wants its citizens to be literate. Likewise, every individual aims for it because of the advantage it gives in terms of employment and career growth.

Unfortunately, only a few of the people nowadays are given access to formal institutions of education and receive a diploma. This leaves potential skills and talents unharnessed and serve as a wasted resource for the country when not put into use. Fourth, he has proven himself as a genius because of the discoveries he made in relation to science, such as that of the stove. Aside from being a hardworking business man, he managed to become affiliated with science as he made his studies with his goals aligned with that of science. This goal is to provide easier and more efficient means in terms of carrying out tasks and other activities.

He has given his time and effort in order to provide scientific advancements, which may not be as significant as the others but still remain to be an applauded achievement. His dedication to make his own contributions gave him the chance to give discover for the use of the people. Fifth, he constantly made himself aware of the political issues that abound the nation and made the move to help such as his act of writing proposals to gather funds to support colonial defense during the war between England and France (Franklin, 1996).

While he may not have a personal interest in terms of the war, he still had the initiative to provide for support and make his cause ripple through his solicitations. His support for the political causes reflects a support for the country and the initiative to help in times where there is a great need. This is important because having people who are aware of the situation is sometimes not enough. There is a greater need for people who wish to take action during times where an active approach is needed.

Every little act of support counts when it makes a difference and contributes to the purpose of the country. Lastly, he has served for volunteer works for the country and the citizens. Volunteerism is a spirit that gives people a chance to know that they can do something to help solve problems. Even if it is seen as a tiny dot compared to the larger cause that is found in the society, volunteering for different causes is still counted as an important part of giving and serving the country.

With the different initiatives and achievements Benjamin Franklin narrated in his book, he is really seen as a quintessential American. This is especially true in fulfilling the expectations attached to the American Dream. Beyond this, he has selflessly dedicated himself to the service of his nation and in making his own personal contributions in making a difference for the society. Reference Franklin, B. (1996). The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Dover Thrift Edition. New York: Dover Publications.

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