Introduction to Personal Development in Health and Social

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Describe the duties and responsibilities of own role

My role is to ensure I treat all my clients as individuals, ensuring they always feel safe and at ease when I am around and doing my care, I make sure I read the care plan every day for each client to see If anything has changed since I have last been In there. I am responsible In making sure all my clients are looked after too brilliant standard ensuring they are always happy with the care I provide for them, keeping them clean by doing personal care and assisting with needs If they need help such as, getting dressed. Gushing teeth and combing hair treating the individual with respect and keeping their dignity at all times, ensuring they are eating and drinking properly and getting enough nutrition In their diet. If needed I will help individuals to administrate medication, prompting them If they do It televises so they don't forget too.

Keeping the surroundings clean and safe, making sure I tidy up after my self and my client so they are always in a hygienic surrounding despising of things in the correct way, always wearing my protective clothing incase of cross contamination and encouraging them when I can ensuring they remain independent and empowered. It is my duty to report anything necessary to my manager, f my client is unhappy, if I feel my client Is changing or becoming ill I make sure inform my manager.

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Lastly I need to make sure am up to date with all courses and training to make sure my clients are safe at all times and I am not using poor practice In my work place.

1. 2 What standards influence your role as a career and the way you carry out your duties

There are many that influence my role such as: Care Standards Act 2000 Health & Safety At Work Act Manual Handling Operations Legislation Codes of Practice National occupational standards The Food Standards Act Whistle Blowing Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

1. Describe ways you ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of your work

Firstly remember everyone Is an individual and nobody Is exactly the same as you, you may have an individual that has beliefs you do not believe In but you should keep this to yourself as Its not tall on them to feel as though what hey believe in is questioned or wrong and don't let your own personal feelings get in the way of doing the Job correctly and work in a way that supports their needs and beliefs Try to understand the individual a little more, learning about their history and their beliefs letting them explain it to you this will help you to know a lot more about them and make It easier to know their likes and dislikes because of the belief don't Judge the Individual for beveling In what they do only empathic with them and snow you understand and that you respect them and heir beliefs.

2 1 Explain why reflecting on practice is an important way to develop knowledge, skills and practice

It's important because you will develop more on the things you already know and learn and develop on the things you don't know you will learn not to make mistakes you may have made in the past and you will learn where improvement is needed which will make you more efficient at the Job role you do and a lot more confident to do so in knowing how and when to use the skills you have picked up on and put them into practice. 3. What sources of support are available to you for your own learning and development?

I can find sources of support inside the workplace and outside of the work place, inside the work place I have I have regular supervisions, this is followed by an observation of me in the work place, in the supervision meeting the senior member of staff will tell me how they think I am doing, telling me what I am doing right and also telling me how I could improve in my workplace and things I could work on to better how I am at work. There are also jugular meetings so we can do new courses that have come in or renew courses we have already done so our knowledge is always up to date. Outside the work place I could go to the library to widen my learning ability in the workplace or I could do research on the internet.

3. 2 Describe the process for agreeing a personal development plan

You discuss with a senior member of staff who has watched you and you discuss your improvements that need to be made and proposals on how to meet those objectives and the activities that follows such as reviews and assessments which you both agree on.

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