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Interesting Facst About The World Cup

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The World Cup brings the whole planet together, around the same goal : win the World Cup. It is a major event for the sports world but also for the different populations that support their country and are proud to see their team represented their colors. T his last edition was won by the team of France after a tumultuous journey. It was a very important moment for French people because it has been more than 20 years since their last victory. It took place in Russia.

In final we had Croatia against France. French team has imposed itself 4-2. It was very difficult for this french team they don't play often together and they haven't won anything yet. Despite this they managed to win which makes this victory even more beautiful. The team progressively managed to reach the final and win the trust of their fans. Focus 'I don't know how to play just to play, I play to win. ' - Didier Deschamps In the beginning, France had trouble because it started with poor results against small teams. Indeed the french people lost all confidence in this young team but they managed to finish first of the group of group and to pass the pool. French people were divided on one side they were for this young team the other against but the first goal is win the World Cup.

After the pools the french team opposed Argentina, who is a great football team. The France team it's imposed with difficulty 4-3, this victory marked the launch of this world cup for this young team. It is from this moment that the French people began to believe in this team. The French team chained with a 2-0 victory against Uruguay who is a pillar of football, they confirm with this victory their powers, the french people believe it more and more. During the semi-finals France faced Belgium, which was one of the favorites.

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It was the most difficult match of this world cup for this french team but it won 1-0. France was already a winner after this victory because it has faced the biggest teams of this world cup and has managed to win. She won 4-2 against Croatia in the final, the Sunday, July 15th. Focus In conclusion, the soccer isn't just a sport because this world cup brought together a whole country, all generations and all of sex. It was an amazing experience, and I hope to see it again someday.

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