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Inland Whale Essay

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Finally, In the story of 'Testily, Sun's Daughter" is the cause of the events that enroll in the story. My claim is, The cautionary tales "The Mans Wife", "Butterfly Man", and " Testily, Sun's Daughter" reveal that Native American societies and cultures depended on gar popup cohesiveness and not letting greed or personal desires take over. In "The Man's Wife" the man does many things that affect nature and the way of living.

The man doesn't want to let his dead wife leave in peace so he stays with her, burns off his hair, and didn't eat or sleep while he was waiting for his wife. A quote that pro eves this is, "He as however able to tie around her waist a rope of eagle's down, and clinging to one end of it, he walked a few steps behind her all through the 132). This qua Toe proves that he insisted on being with her that he even went through and tied a rope roar ND her. This also shows that desire has taken over and he will do anything to be with her.

Not her thing that the man did was going into the dead people's land. A quote that proves this is, "l must warn you that to the dead the smell Of the living is offensive, and there will be restiveness as among them, feeling of the impropriety of your being here at all"(Kookier 137). This is imp rattan because it shows that the man shouldn't be invading the home of the dead because the e dead and living should not interact with the dead. If this happens the dead is disturbed and t he balance of nature is disturbed.

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The man should of let go and moved on so his wife's spirit t can be in peace and the desire of his wife can go away. In the story "Butterfly Man" Clanswoman can't choose who to be with became use of the things she admires or that she likes. At first she was with her baby at the v illegal while her husband was gone. Then she left when not supposed to and saw a butterfly a ND followed it on and on, left the baby on the bush alone never to return because of what she wanted.

A quote that proves this is, "Nor was it flying at random, for its standards COUrse WA s leading her ever up and back, farther into the hills, farther from the river"(Kookier 61 ). HTH s is important because it shows that her wanting that butterfly she never noticed how far SSH e was from her home and her baby. Another thing she does is disobey the butterfly man whew n he said not to look up and look at the other butterflies.

A quote that shows that she disobey deed the butterfly man and looked at the other butterflies is, "Her eyes followed his flight and SSH e took one hand off the girdle and reached greedily for him"(Kookier 63). This quote is imports NT because when something is desired so much that they break the rule they are suppose d to follow like not leaving their house when husbands are hunting or the one the butterfly man gave which as never to let go and look up at the other butterflies.

This kind of stuff and other things may lead to jealousy and many more things. In the story "Testily, Sun's Daughter" the cause of the events that unroll in the story are because Of Testily, Sun's Daughter. When Testily accepted Theta's proposal I Hoopla was mad. A quote that proves this is, "Hoopla was angry. He grabbed Tequila's arm, shouting, She's mine! She's mine! I am older than you and she is mine! "(Kookier 114). T his quote is important because it shows that Hoopla being jealous he ended up pulling Test

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