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Influence of Family on Children as a Base of Social Norms

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Children are first exposed to their families before they become aware of the society. Hence socializing children is the primary responsibility of the family apparently they get exposed to other social environments like when they go to school or visit family members or friends. However, the influence of family during the formative years of child is an important in understanding social norms.

Primary socialization which can happen in a family is a significant factor in the development of a

personality and role learning that occurs during early childhood and role learning that occur during early childhood with the influence of the parents might change through the process of growing by watching video games or going to movies.

It is a well known fact that our cultures are different the culture of the family is unmistakably followed during the early years. But with more and more exposure to friends, teachers and friends the process of socialization changes. And tend to have impact in the society.

Children start seeing new cultures and learn from them. They acquire different types of norms and values which might or might not like by family. The parental control slowly declines and usually children often get redirect by their parents from doing bad things that learned from other environment.

Overall parent socialization is complicated because in any individual,s life we have different steps like starting from kindergarten, then middle school, then high school and college, . I know for sure at the beginning parent have the control over the children but when they reach certain age they don't listen anymore. The primary education is very important in childhood.

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