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Infectious Diseases

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The only means of recovery is rest and drinking a lot of fluids. Taking cold medications will only help relieve the symptoms. Hepatitis, Viral Hepatitis can either be acute or chronic. That means, it can either be a temporary illness, or it can be a permanent condition Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver ND other tissues.

It can be caused by a viral Infection. The onset of hepatitis can also be caused by drug abuse or overexposure to a chemical The treatment for viral hepatitis, acute or chronic, is rest. Influenza Influenza, commonly known as "the flu," Is also caused by a virus. Its symptoms are more severe than the common cold Influenza only needs to be treated with bed rest and fluids. Non-linctuses Diseases: Possible Causes Cancer Cancer Is caused by the transforming effect of carcinogens on normal cells.

Characterized by the unrestrained growth of abnormal cells on or in tissues of the body. Treatment for cancer usually involves surgery and some form of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Coronary Heart Disease Coronary heart disease is the most common circulatory system disease. Damage to the heart is caused by reduced blood flow to the heart resulting from blocked or narrowing coronary arteries. Coronary heart disease usually goes unnoticed until chest pain is felt or a heart attack occurs.

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Infectious Diseases

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Its symptoms can be treated with drugs or surgery. Diabetes, Type I It is a disease of the pancreas in which insulin is not produced in the correct amounts so that glucose (sugar) can be converted into energy or stored as fat. Include excessive thirst and urination. Type I diabetes is mainly treated with regular insulin injections. Diabetes, Type II It is a disease of the pancreas in which insulin is not produced In the correct Type II diabetics are treated with a similar routine of diet and exercise.

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