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Individual Diff and diversity

Essay Topic:

Describe some beliefs that are commonly held about leaders, managers and/or other professions Over the period of observations, experience, reading we believe some common features of different characters in our life.These observations might be situational or might depend on socio economic structure and values of an Individual.These beliefs might be different for different persons.

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But for a certain professions there are some common beliefs for some specific characters.

For example common people always believe that a manager/leader will be very responsible, smart, strict what one normally experience In books, cinemas or personally over a period of time while grew up. Same message Susan Cain tried to explain about Introverts. Introverts are believed to be very shy and not fit to be leaders/managers. But the study shows the opposite about the Introverts. These beliefs are different for different professions. It might be different In some socio-economic structure than other. Obsessions we expect the behavior of the profession to behave accordingly the Idea,’ perception we have in our mind. For example when we think about a doctor first we think about their help and dedication to save our life and we expect to behave/ perform the doctor accordingly. As a human when these professions behave per our expectation, the perception about those characters will be good to us and we start liking those characters. It’s totally different to us when these characters don’t fulfill one’s expectation.

How do these beliefs help or hinder our ability to lead effectively? As a leader sometimes the perception/expectation helps to manage the subordinates immensely. It helps the leader to love, listen, depend, and rely on these subordinates which will definitely increase the productivity of the team. At the same time wrong perception or evaluating the expectations wrongly create issues between the leaders and the subordinates and hence the productivity of the team.

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