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Implicit Association Test

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Implicit Association Test Jennifer Johnson ETH/125 November 27, 2010 Leah J.

Mancuso Implicit Association Test My result of IAT is about the same as I am. I results say that I treat everything equally and fairly. This was very all the tests. I think it was correct because I do not judge people at all. I think that it depends on how you see people. I think it depends on the person doing it and reflexes. Each answer requires the person to push a button on race or group.

I think reflexes make this seem unbiased.I think people who do this test think it is not correct because it is based on attitude towards a group. I think it depends how I look it in general. I think people misjudge this test because of the way it is. It is works for most people and makes the attitude work for this test. I think people think it is wrong because all the attitudes of the whole thing and I do not agree with them. It is normal test for people to check on their attitude and my is very equal towards all races and religions.

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I think people do not think this is the way to test people.It is very hard to measure prejudice because there are some many types and hard to identify the source. It could come from everyone. There is no way of measuring something of this magnitude because of the types and people. They are basing their measurements on mixed emotions which not the best way. I think there is no way to measure this either way around it. This person took the test and thought it was wrong because of not being biased to the group.

Many users agree with me. I have looked them up and found I am not alone with this one.I think people judge either way and should find a way to stop. I think it is no way of measuring due to all the different types and no studies to back it up. I think it is much to do with this test is measuring your attitude towards something with different pictures and questions. This is what they do but I don' think it really measures it correctly. I do not know how to measure something like this because it is so broad and growing.

I think there is no way of exactly measuring it. Some psychologists use a series of questions and relate them back to a scale.This scale is called the likert. "A common scale used by psychologists to uses questionnaires and survey research to specificy the responses of level of agreement. " (Answers Corporation, 2010) I think sociologist can use this scale as well. Another way they measure prejudice is the Bogardus social distance scale. "This scale does measure a person's degree of closeness with members of diverse social groups.

" (Answers Corporation, 2010) Those are two ways of measuring prejudice in sociologist. I like the test when just took can be used as well but not as accurate to the others ones.I think using these methods would work if they took the time to check in to them and use them right. I think this would be good for all of them to use both of them. Using scale is trying to measure something but sometimes it does not work as well. I think they may have some flaws to these scales because of the rating system. I think if they keep using them and try to measure prejudice correctly.

These scales might work in the end.Reference Answers Corporation. (2010). the Likert Scale. Retrieved from http://www.answers. com/topic/likert-scale

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