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Human Skills

Definition: Human skills can be defined as a manager’s ability to interact and work well with others.(Satterlee, PG 12) Since managers get things done through people, it is imperative that they have communication and motivational skills.Summary “Poor managerial skills can defeat the most successful activities and in many cases can lead to the demise of the organization” (Martin Hahn 2007) Robert L.

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Katz suggests that three important managerial skills that must be cultivated and enhanced by the organization are technical, human, and conceptual.

The degree of development a manager has in each of these three skills will have a strong impact not only upon the success of the organization but also upon the career success of the manager. (Martin Hahn 2007) It is important to have human skills to work well with individuals, to motivate and interact with people within and organization to get the job done. Discussion As someone who has worked as a front-end retail manager before, I totally understand the importance of having human skills to succeed at management level.

The article has been on point in relation to the importance of having managerial ability with human skills. “Human skills can be developed through an understanding of human and group behavior. ” (Hahn) It is important to understand how to relate with subordinates within and organization. They specialize in making sure everything is room smoothly. Communication is in order for a company to excel. When there is miscommunication, there tends to be lack of productivity.

From my experience, I have had to deal with employees with different personalities and lifestyles. As a front desk manager, it is important that I made my cashiers feel comfortable in the work place environment. Another function of human skills is making employees feel important. Managers today need to develop those skills. Employees are the face of a company customers see. It is important that management make sure they are well equipped to handle the importance task of good management.

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