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Human Resources in the Aviation Industry

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Human resources is a very important and essential element of any business. In the aviation industry, it plays a vital role due the contribution it makes to the over-all employee-firm relationship.

Human resources concern the human side of managing enterprises and employees’ relations with their firms. It makes sure that the employees of the company are being used in such a manner that the employer obtains greatest possible benefit from the employees’ abilities and the employees, on the other hand, obtain optimum material and psychological rewards from their respective work. This assignment will be covering each stage of the recruitment and selection processes in general terms with applicable examples given from the aviation industry to support its description.

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Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Planning includes forecasting the number and kinds of employees that will be required in the future and to what extent the given demand is likely to be met. Basically, it wraps around the idea of number of workers, type of workers, skills needed, and cost-factor included in such process.

The Human Resource Planning helps in the following areas when it comes to decision-making:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Avoidance of redundancies
  3. Training – numbers and categories
  4. Management development
  5. Estimates of labour costs
  6. Productivity bargaining
  7. Accommodation requirements

Few important points

  • Human Resource Planning needs continuous readjustments due to instability of an organization goal and uncertainty of the environment of the business.
  • HRP is complex because of many independent variables involved in it such as invention, population changes, consumer demand, etc.
  • A feedback must be included in case the objectives are to be modified due to the plan’s inability to be fulfilled.


Recruitment is basically the first part in the process of filling a vacancy. It includes examining the vacancy, considering sources of suitable candidates, and contacting candidates and attracting applications from them.

If the vacancy is additional to the present workforce:

  • A new employee is needed
  • A compiled job specification is needed


This process is also known as “executive search” where it is believed that he best candidates are those who are successful in their current jobs and are not thinking of moving elsewhere instead of those who are replying to advertisements and are looking for jobs in any other ways.


It is the most popular method o recruitment wherein the vacancy is advertised and candidates are invited to apply to the company.

Few pointers on Advertising:

  • The advertisement should have a job specification and a personnel specification contained in it.
  • The advertisement must appear in the appropriate publication. Experiments regarding response to different sizes, headings, wording, page position, etc should be done.
  • Careful records about the advertisement should be kept.
  • The response should be analyzed.
  • Courteous letter must be sent to rejected candidates.

Processes involved in Recruitment:

  • Application: Candidates fill up application forms or submit their curriculum vitae.
  • Initial Screening: Screening out totally irrelevant applicant is done during the recruitment process especially when the organization has high number of applicants to be assessed in the selection process.


In the process of selection, the candidates for the specific job will be assessed and filtered out based on their level of compatibility with the organization or firm as a whole.

Common Steps taken by Manager in the Selection Process:

  • Comparing of application forms and looking for candidates exhibiting suitability for the job. Making a list of candidates to be interviewed and a list of rejected applicants (Short-listing).
  • Deciding what type of interview should be given and what test should be used.
  • Taking down notes on the applicants’ performance in the interview and tests.

Interview Method

This is the most common method used. The interview is conducted by the recruiter and types of interview vary from one organization to another e. g. individual, successive, panel. In this method, the applicant will be answering questions given by the interviewer wherein his/her communication skills and job knowledge will be put to test.

Psychometric Testing Method

In this method, applicants will be assessed based on their personalities and their ability to fit in the organization.

In-tray Exercise Method

Exercise or activities will be given to the candidates which will show their performance level on the job they will be handling.

Presentation Method

Skills and ideas of candidates will be evident in this type of selection method. Organizations using this type of method are more after a person’s creative ideas than his/her academic proficiency.

Medical Tests Process

Medical tests are done for the employer to ensure that the applicant is free from any contagious disease that may harm other people in the organization. This test is also done for jobs that have some medical standard that the applicants must meet such as pilots and the like.

Background Checks Process

Background and security checks are being performed to assess an applicant’s “sterility” and to avoid any kind of threat to an organization. It is a very crucial part of selection when it comes to certain types of industry such as the aviation industry where it is prone to threats and attacks.

Written Examination Process

Psychometric and aptitude testing methods fall under this process. This examination process helps in assessing the over-all job knowledge of the candidate and based on this, the organization will be able to determine is/her compatibility and qualification.


When the suitable candidate emerges from the selection process, a job offer must be received by him/her.

The job offer might be:

  • Oral
  • Written

The initial job offer must include :

  • The wage or salary offered
  • Name of the job and any special conditions
  • Condition of the employment, hours, holidays, bonuses, and fringe benefits
  • Provisos must be stated
  • Date and time to get in touch again in case the applicant asks time for consideration of the job offer.

If the applicant accepts the initial offer, the conditions and everything that is stated in the letter will be made official and its accuracy is very important for it will be regarded as a permanent record.


This is the process of receiving the employees when they begin work. They’ll be introduced to the company and colleagues and informed of the activities, customs, and traditions of the company.


In this process, the employee will be asked about how he/she feels about the job and his/her progress to the present time.

Reviews and comments on the employees will be asked for from the immediate superiors. A proper and adequate training will be provided for some employees by the organization if needed and sometimes, switching of jobs or stations takes place depending on where the employer sees the employee performs and excels the most.


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